Michael Overd: Please don’t be offended, but I have something to say…

I’ve given both the Crown Prosecution Service and Avon and Somerset Constabulary the opportunity to object to the publication of material contained within this post; neither raised any objections.


A senior Avon and Somerset Constabulary source said, “Depending on your point of view, we [Avon and Somerset Constabulary] are one of the best or worst [police forces] for LGBT issues.”

An Avon and Somerset Constabulary source said the following of Sergeant Neil Kimmins:

“He’s not gay, but he is enthusiastic about equality and diversity, which … I think, he understands, as a policy, in a simplistic way … that it’s good – beyond question.”

“…because he believes in equality policy … almost like religion for him, like Jesus is for [the] preacher … he’s very gay-friendly in practice. It doesn’t surprise me he’s gone guns blazing for an evangelical Christian.”

“I doubt he’d know what you’re talking about if you started talking [about] a culturally Marxist agenda.”

“He’s ambitious and wants to be noticed.  … He didn’t start out as a PC zealot but that’s what he’s become – probably because he’s after promotion.”

“Once he’s convinced himself he’s right then everybody else must be wrong – including this preacher. … He doesn’t like anybody challenging his authority and the preacher probably did.”

“He’s happy with gays but woe betide anyone he takes a dislike to … I think he does sometimes allow his own personal prejudices cloud his judgement as a police officer.”

“In my opinion many [police officers] would disagree with the way he went after this one man … he went after him as though he’s a hardened criminal, which is not the way to tackle some middle-aged man doing nothing besides peacefully expressing his religious beliefs in public, however obnoxious the views may be to some people. The way to handle [such people/situations] is by taking a firm but low-key approach, showing respect for people and not jumping to take sides.  We can’t make up the law to please ourselves or the local shopkeeper.  … What he did in going to the press and slating him off is how not to do it.  I can’t imagine what he was thinking, attacking him in the paper, unless his motive was more attention for himself.”


During my investigation, the profile of Sergeant Kimmins which sadly emerged was that of an ambitious and zealous ‘useful idiot’ – one of the growing number of deceived fools who sincerely (but mistakenly) believe that in serving the equality and diversity agenda (a.k.a. the anti-Christian agenda, or the pro-homosexual agenda), that in fighting the great fantasy of ‘homophobia’ supposedly running rampant in British society, they are doing what is good and right, noble and true. As I say, he’s a useful idiot.  (If you don’t know what I’m on about with this ‘useful idiot’ term, you need to look into social/cultural Marxism, and the tools radicals use to subvert and thus destroy strong, free and civilised societies – such as Britain once was.)

Sergeant Kimmins genuinely believes that evangelical Christianity is ‘homophobic’, i.e. that Christians hate homosexual people, and that it is a ‘hate crime’ for a Christian to express criticism of homosexual behaviour, or to urge homosexuals to repent. Sergeant Kimmins is oblivious to the fact that his efforts to impose equality and diversity on Taunton, and Michael Overd in particular, are repressive, tyrannical and evil.  Sergeant Kimmins genuinely believes he is doing a good work.

Intriguingly, Sergeant Kimmins, who is neither a homosexual nor a Muslim, and who is based in Taunton, which is neither a Sodom nor a Mecca, and not even a Brighton or a Bradford, is keen not only to take offence on behalf of homosexuals but also on behalf of Muslims. One of the things I understand Sergeant Kimmins has taken offence over is Michael Overd’s speaking of Mohammed and Aisha (according to Islamic sources 53-year-old Mo started intercourse with Aisha when she was nine, but we’re not allowed to state the obvious about this, not in Taunton, or to point out that Jesus was not like Mo.)

So, Sergeant Kimmins is a useful idiot, and worse, an ambitious and zealous useful idiot at that. But I believe there’s a further dimension to the manifestation of his useful idiocy in this case, and that lies in his failure to grasp that the ‘whim of the mob’ at any particular time and place does not trump the rule of law.  What I mean is that a public order offence is not suddenly being committed the instant a police officer decides “I don’t like what this guy’s saying, and neither it seems do some other people, so this guy must be committing a public order offence.”  Sadly, a growing number of police officers are this stupid these days.  (And the corollary of this ‘rule of the mob/rule of my own opinion, not rule of the law’ mentality is seen in all the times when criminal offences really are being committed, such as possession of cannabis or keeping a brothel, straightforward crimes which are often going on right under the noses of the police, but to which the police turn a blind eye because they think “Nobody seems to be that bothered about this crime; I know it’s against the law, and I know I’m a police officer, but who cares, I don’t.”)

It is not a crime, and it is not a public order offence, simply to preach the Gospel of Jesus, to advocate Biblical moral standards – be it on sexual conduct or other issues – or to discuss the historical facts of Mohammed’s life in a public place. In Britain we have [or we are supposed to have] freedom of thought, speech and assembly, and we are all subject [or supposed to be subject] to the rule of law, which serves as a guarantor of these fundamental freedoms.

Britain has endured a long, bloody history to arrive at the point in which today we live in a reasonably free society under the rule of law. Am I, a free man, to stand by and say nothing as useful idiots like Sergeant Kimmins usher in a tyranny of silence enforced by thought police?  In Britain today, many people already self-censor themselves, often in the work place, not saying what they really think for fear of persecution by Equality & Diversity quislings.  The kids are being indoctrinated in the State schools.  We are sleepwalking into totalitarianism.  Let’s not forget the famous “First they came…” words of Niemoller.  We may not be evangelical Christians like Michael Overd, but if we don’t uphold his freedom to speak of what he believes, then, in the course of time, we will none of us be free to speak.

Sergeant Kimmins no doubt thinks he believes in and upholds freedom of speech but somebody needs to give this tyrant a reality check. He is a bully and a tyrant. He has persistently attempted to intimidate Michael Overd into being silent about Jesus.  He is a fool, oblivious to centuries of history in which Christians have not been intimidated into silence.  Does he really think he’s going to shut Michael Overd up, when, to use a Manc colloquialism, the man is obviously ‘mad fer Jesus’?  I’d say it’s pretty obvious that the only way anybody’s going to stop Mr Overd preaching Jesus is by cutting out his tongue or killing him.  The guy probably wears matching Jesus underpants, Jesus vest and Jesus socks for heaven’s sake; Michael Overd is not going to stop speaking about Jesus, and he is not breaking the law in doing so, which means Sergeant Kimmins – who is, I think we can reasonably assume, none too keen on Jesus or Christian morality – needs to get over it.  Some people are ra-ra Christians: Sergeant Kimmins, get over it.

I thought I’d seen it all with the police with the case of the police officer who accepted a bravery award and gave testimony for a stabbing which never took place (and whose stab vest, when the defence finally got hold of it, didn’t have a mark on it; and yes, bizarrely, perversely, that officer is still serving, he is not in jail, never even been disciplined, and he still has his bravery award).

I thought I’d seen it all when I uncovered the Greater Manchester Police running as official policy the non-enforcement of the law against brothels. Then I heard about this case.

The CPS and Avon and Somerset Constabulary have already tried to get Michael Overd convicted for ‘hate crimes’ a couple of years ago; they tried and failed; Mr Overd was found to be not guilty following a trial at Taunton Magistrates’ Court. Perhaps what’s happening now is a case of ‘if at first you don’t succeed…’?  And the chief useful idiot they needed for this second stab at Michael Overd was Sergeant Neil Kimmins.

Michael Overd has been preaching in public in Taunton for several years, his message and his manner haven’t changed, and he has already been confirmed once by a court to be a law-abiding citizen, not a criminal, in regard of circumstances and conduct very similar to that which has so offended Sergeant Neil Kimmins (on behalf of homosexuals and Muslims). You’d think the CPS and police would have got the message the first time round.

Why are the CPS and the police wasting their time and energy and taxpayers’ money on persecuting one man who just wants to preach in public about Jesus, and who occasionally does so, quite peacefully, to the approval of some and the disapproval of others? He is not inciting violence and he isn’t being rude to anyone; he does condemn sin and tell people that they are sinners in need of a saviour, that saviour being Jesus.  This is not a crime.  It may be irritating to some people, but it is not a crime to be irritating in a public place.  Irritated passers-by can just pass on by.  Irritated traders can grin and bear it, because he’s only there a brief period in any one week.  He is not the only irritation to these irritated traders in Taunton – let’s not forget the yobbos, the beggars, the drug dealers, the chuggers, the bad parkers and others – but he is the only one being pursued for ‘hate crimes’ by Sergeant Kimmins & Co.  Ask yourself why.  Why is this really happening?

This second attempt to convict Michael Overd for ‘hate crimes’ is nothing to do with any genuine concern for public order, but everything to do with advancing the Equality and Diversity agenda – that vehicle for subverting and destroying Britain – by attempting to criminalise and silence anybody expressing views contrary to the evil orthodoxy now being imposed by the political elite and its accomplices in the media.

Our police have become thought police. Avon and Somerset Constabulary has begun to police our thoughts and this is a very alarming development indeed.  They haven’t come for me… yet.  But they’ve come for Michael Overd… twice!  Whilst I still have the chance, I’m going to stand up for freedom of speech against tyrants like Sergeant Kimmins.  And I hope that if I defend Mr Overd’s freedom now, then just maybe there’ll be somebody left to defend mine when Sergeant Kimmins comes to arrest me…


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Michael Overd case: Sergeant Neil Kimmins update

Michael Overd is due to appear before Taunton magistrates this Friday (31st October); he is expected to enter his pleas in relation to the public order charges the CPS is pursuing against him; I assume that he will plead Not Guilty to all charges.

At time of writing this blog, legal proceedings can be said to be technically ‘active’ (certainly as far as the police/CPS are concerned), but no court has considered this case yet, much less arranged any trial.  I’m not in the business of prejudicing any legal proceedings; I merely report facts relevant to this story of police versus preacher, and perhaps comment upon the conclusions I draw from the facts, in what is a story which was initiated (for me) by the police, for it was the police who first brought this story to public attention via the press and broadcast media.

I hope to do a proper write-up of this story at some point, and I already have enough material to write quite extensively about it, but it will likely have to wait until Mr Overd is either convicted or acquitted, and also it will depend upon if and when I have the time to do it, as I’m rather busy these days.

VERIFIED: Avon and Somerset Constabulary’s Sergeant Neil Antony Kimmins, aged 45, a married father from Taunton, is not a homosexual, and he is not a member of Avon and Somerset Constabulary’s LGBT Liaison Team.

(According to Daniel Moulden, Avon and Somerset Constabulary’s LGBT Liaison Officer, the LGBT Liaison Team: “…is a unique team of officers who deal with homophobic hate incidents/crimes…”)*

However, that’s not the end of the story as regards looking for Sgt Kimmins’ motive(s) for acting in the remarkable way he has in regard of Michael Overd this year.

I’ve obtained various revealing remarks about Sgt Kimmins from sources within Avon and Somerset Constabulary, but I’ve yet to decide if/when/where to publish this material.


*  P.S.  In case you’re wondering, no, Avon and Somerset Constabulary isn’t running a Christian Liaison Team.

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Michael Overd case: Enquiries into Avon and Somerset Constabulary continue

Over the past few days enquiries have been made into Avon and Somerset Constabulary and, in particular, Taunton’s Sergeant Neil Kimmins.  Enquiries continue.

Enquiries have already borne some significant fruit, however, in order not to scupper further enquiries, no public statement can be given yet.  More to follow…

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Return of the Buffalo

BuffaloShirt(c)RCarvathYesterday’s autumn equinox marked the official ‘Return of the Buffalo’ for yet another year.  The buffalo I’m referring to is actually a Special 6 Shirt manufactured by Buffalo Systems of Sheffield.  This garment is effectively my ‘second skin’ when operating outdoors over the colder six months of the year.  It goes on at the beginning of autumn and comes off at the beginning of spring.  I’d probably wear it all year round if it weren’t for the fact it’s far too warm for the milder months.  And if it really must be washed then so be it.  Buffalo pile/pertex shirts are best worn next to the skin, but the need to look reasonably smart means I often have to wear a short-sleeved shirt with collar beneath mine.  Buffalo clothing rarely if ever dies.  My Special 6 Shirt dates from when I was still a teenager (just), and the way things are going it may well outlive my hair.  I have a Buffalo sleeping bag older than that, which first saw action in Iraq during the first Gulf War (1990-91), and even some lingering relics from the late ‘8os which still have their uses.  It may be that some day I’ll have a new Special 6 Shirt – perhaps before the British people are finally given an In/Out referendum on the EU.

Well, so far, 2014 hasn’t gone how I thought it would at the beginning.  (In fact life hasn’t really gone how I thought it might go since 2010, when I fell down a cliff not long after contesting the General Election.  Veritably, life has never been the same since.)  I’m not complaining; much good has happened this year, and in recent years – it’s just that many things have been rather unpredictable (not to mention, at times, inexplicable).  For better for worse, change is often challenging.  From the maelstrom the full-fledged masterpiece may yet emerge.  If 2014 remains a quiet year online, so be it; and if 2015 sees a flurry of online publishing, so be it.

Before I go, I must make one observation about Iraq and Syria.  The unfolding disaster in the Middle East was caused by the West’s military interventions in the region since the turn of the century. Unlike ten years ago, there is now a genuine, urgent need for the presence of troops on the ground – for otherwise, thousands more people must either flee from or be murdered by the ‘Islamic State’ Muslims – but the West no longer has the stomach for committing soldiers.  The West sent in soldiers when there was no need – unless it was to advance oil interests – and now, when there is a need – to save many lives and much property – all the West will do is send planes, drones and missiles.  Air power by itself won’t stop the IS jihadi Muslims and it won’t protect civilians or their homes from attack.  Only the deployment of ground forces can adequately protect people and property.  Many more people are going to suffer and die in Syria and Iraq for the lack of armed forces on the ground to protect them.  Although it was Tony Blair (and a handful of others) who started this mess, not me or you, if ‘we’ have a conscience then the least the West can do is to send troops to sort out the mess ‘we’ started.  Yes, more of our soldiers may die, and we can’t afford it, but we have a moral obligation to go to the aid of those suffering at the hands of jihadists unleashed thanks only to the West.

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Evangelist Michael Overd and Sergeant Neil Kimmins

The email below was sent to Avon and Somerset Police this evening.  It’s self explanatory, but additional relevant material can be found online in the archive of the Somerset County Gazette.  I await a response…

To: ssntauntontowncentre@avonandsomerset.police.uk

CC: amanda.hirst@avonandsomerset.police.uk

“Mr. Michael Overd and Sgt. Neil Kimmins

” Dear Sir,
I’m a journalist; I write regarding Phil Hill’s recent Somerset County Gazette article headlined “Public urged to video preacher”.
In the article Sergeant Kimmins is quoted as describing Mr Overd’s message as “abuse” and he is also quoted as asserting that Mr Overd manifests as “being hostile” towards the public.  In the article Sergeant Kimmins is also quoted making reference to “Homophobia”.
I have a few questions for Sergeant Kimmins please:
(1)  Sergeant Kimmins, it appears you favour homosexual behaviour over the sexual morality advocated by Mr Overd.  Are you a practising homosexual?  Or are you a political activist for the homosexual lobby?
(2)  Exactly why do you consider Mr Overd or his message to be hostile or abusive?  What has Mr Overd said or done that you consider to be hostile or abusive?
(3)  Exactly what do you mean by the word “homophobia”?  If by this word you mean ‘hatred of homosexual people’, what evidence do you have for attributing any such hatred to Mr Overd?
(4)  What law(s) do you believe Mr Overd may have broken or be breaking?
(5)  Why have you not charged Mr Overd with anything to date, given that you’ve made statements to the press which appear to imply that you view Mr Overd as a criminal?  Is such conduct – i.e. your remarks to the press – not prejudicial?  Moreover, is such conduct not defamatory of Mr Overd?
(6)  It’s unusual that you haven’t charged Mr Overd with anything, and yet have made what appear to be highly prejudicial comments to the press.  Furthermore, any prosecution of Mr Overd would likely receive a lot of media attention.  How would you respond to comments that you’re an attention seeker with an axe to grind, that you’re seeking to stir up the public against someone you’ve taken a personal dislike to?
(7)  In view of all current policing concerns in regard of Taunton town centre, how high a priority is silencing Mr Overd for you, in comparison with, say, preventing and detecting thefts, assaults, criminal damage, drug dealing or drunk/disorderly behaviour?
(8)  Do you wish to suppress the freedom of speech of any other person, besides this Christian evangelist, in Taunton town centre?  If so, who and why?
(9)  Have you ever been a participant – whether in or out of police uniform – in a ‘gay pride’ march or similar homosexual event?
(10)  Public ‘Gay Pride’ events might reasonably be viewed as ‘homosexual evangelism’ – i.e. publicly encouraging others towards homosexual behaviour (just as Mr Overd, a Christian, publicly encourages others towards the behaviour he approves).  Plenty of people take offence at ‘gay pride’ events.  In your own words, what do you think about public displays of ‘gay pride’?  In particular, do you have anything negative or critical to say about ‘gay pride’?
Thank you for your assistance in this matter.
Yours faithfully,
Mr. Richard Carvath. “
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ISIS in the UK: the fears of MI5

My quick comment on the ISIS threat to the UK is here.

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Alex Salmond and Robert Green

In my time, I’ve seen some serious corruption in and around British courts.  I know of social workers kidnapping babies from perfectly decent parents through our secretive family courts.  I know plenty of proven instances of bent police officers; I even know of entire police forces operating as official policy the non-enforcement of the law.  I know of police raids on the homes of [the dwindling number of] serious investigative journalists in the UK – not to mention the random searches of such journalists’ persons and vehicles.  I know of unchallengeable, sweeping powers – powers intended for terrorism – being used by the authorities to hinder and silence journalists.  I know of sectionings (i.e. forcible detentions in psychiatric units) or attempted sectionings, completely ‘out of the blue’, of perfectly sane and normal people… but who just happen to have made an enemy of a police officer, a social worker or anybody else with the power, directly or by proxy, to destroy their victims via the illegal application of the Mental Health Act.  And sadly, most of the time, the bad guys – the bent police officers and others – get away with it [in this life], because they know the system, belong to the network and have the financial resources, the professional status and legal expertise to crush the average man on the street.  Furthermore, they know that the feeble British press – which today, despite the advent of the internet, is poor at serious investigative journalism – is unlikely ever to report their dirty deeds, or allegations of their dirty deeds, in any particular case (and indeed, if anything is reported, are more likely to report a bent police officer’s fabrications unquestioningly, as most press reports of crime nowadays are simply verbatim or slightly re-worded press releases from the police).  The extent of the corruption which exists in the UK today was once the preserve of banana republics and tin-pot tyrannies, but now it is very much day-to-day reality here.

Within the UK, it seems Scotland leads the way in pioneering judicial corruption, and in the suppression and manipulation of the mainstream press.  One of the worst cases I’ve ever seen is the long-running saga of Robert Green and Hollie Greig.  In fact, I only started writing this blog post to make the following observation… it is very interesting to note that Robert Green’s trial, originally expected last month, has been set back (by six months!) to January of 2015, which is of course many months after the imminent Scottish independence referendum.  Just a coincidence?  Looks a bit fishy to me.

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