Michael Overd case: Enquiries into Avon and Somerset Constabulary continue

Over the past few days enquiries have been made into Avon and Somerset Constabulary and, in particular, Taunton’s Sergeant Neil Kimmins.  Enquiries continue.

Enquiries have already borne some significant fruit, however, in order not to scupper further enquiries, no public statement can be given yet.  More to follow…

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Return of the Buffalo

BuffaloShirt(c)RCarvathYesterday’s autumn equinox marked the official ‘Return of the Buffalo’ for yet another year.  The buffalo I’m referring to is actually a Special 6 Shirt manufactured by Buffalo Systems of Sheffield.  This garment is effectively my ‘second skin’ when operating outdoors over the colder six months of the year.  It goes on at the beginning of autumn and comes off at the beginning of spring.  I’d probably wear it all year round if it weren’t for the fact it’s far too warm for the milder months.  And if it really must be washed then so be it.  Buffalo pile/pertex shirts are best worn next to the skin, but the need to look reasonably smart means I often have to wear a short-sleeved shirt with collar beneath mine.  Buffalo clothing rarely if ever dies.  My Special 6 Shirt dates from when I was still a teenager (just), and the way things are going it may well outlive my hair.  I have a Buffalo sleeping bag older than that, which first saw action in Iraq during the first Gulf War (1990-91), and even some lingering relics from the late ‘8os which still have their uses.  It may be that some day I’ll have a new Special 6 Shirt – perhaps before the British people are finally given an In/Out referendum on the EU.

Well, so far, 2014 hasn’t gone how I thought it would at the beginning.  (In fact life hasn’t really gone how I thought it might go since 2010, when I fell down a cliff not long after contesting the General Election.  Veritably, life has never been the same since.)  I’m not complaining; much good has happened this year, and in recent years – it’s just that many things have been rather unpredictable (not to mention, at times, inexplicable).  For better for worse, change is often challenging.  From the maelstrom the full-fledged masterpiece may yet emerge.  If 2014 remains a quiet year online, so be it; and if 2015 sees a flurry of online publishing, so be it.

Before I go, I must make one observation about Iraq and Syria.  The unfolding disaster in the Middle East was caused by the West’s military interventions in the region since the turn of the century. Unlike ten years ago, there is now a genuine, urgent need for the presence of troops on the ground – for otherwise, thousands more people must either flee from or be murdered by the ‘Islamic State’ Muslims – but the West no longer has the stomach for committing soldiers.  The West sent in soldiers when there was no need – unless it was to advance oil interests – and now, when there is a need – to save many lives and much property – all the West will do is send planes, drones and missiles.  Air power by itself won’t stop the IS jihadi Muslims and it won’t protect civilians or their homes from attack.  Only the deployment of ground forces can adequately protect people and property.  Many more people are going to suffer and die in Syria and Iraq for the lack of armed forces on the ground to protect them.  Although it was Tony Blair (and a handful of others) who started this mess, not me or you, if ‘we’ have a conscience then the least the West can do is to send troops to sort out the mess ‘we’ started.  Yes, more of our soldiers may die, and we can’t afford it, but we have a moral obligation to go to the aid of those suffering at the hands of jihadists unleashed thanks only to the West.

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Evangelist Michael Overd and Sergeant Neil Kimmins

The email below was sent to Avon and Somerset Police this evening.  It’s self explanatory, but additional relevant material can be found online in the archive of the Somerset County Gazette.  I await a response…

To: ssntauntontowncentre@avonandsomerset.police.uk

CC: amanda.hirst@avonandsomerset.police.uk

“Mr. Michael Overd and Sgt. Neil Kimmins

” Dear Sir,
I’m a journalist; I write regarding Phil Hill’s recent Somerset County Gazette article headlined “Public urged to video preacher”.
In the article Sergeant Kimmins is quoted as describing Mr Overd’s message as “abuse” and he is also quoted as asserting that Mr Overd manifests as “being hostile” towards the public.  In the article Sergeant Kimmins is also quoted making reference to “Homophobia”.
I have a few questions for Sergeant Kimmins please:
(1)  Sergeant Kimmins, it appears you favour homosexual behaviour over the sexual morality advocated by Mr Overd.  Are you a practising homosexual?  Or are you a political activist for the homosexual lobby?
(2)  Exactly why do you consider Mr Overd or his message to be hostile or abusive?  What has Mr Overd said or done that you consider to be hostile or abusive?
(3)  Exactly what do you mean by the word “homophobia”?  If by this word you mean ‘hatred of homosexual people’, what evidence do you have for attributing any such hatred to Mr Overd?
(4)  What law(s) do you believe Mr Overd may have broken or be breaking?
(5)  Why have you not charged Mr Overd with anything to date, given that you’ve made statements to the press which appear to imply that you view Mr Overd as a criminal?  Is such conduct – i.e. your remarks to the press – not prejudicial?  Moreover, is such conduct not defamatory of Mr Overd?
(6)  It’s unusual that you haven’t charged Mr Overd with anything, and yet have made what appear to be highly prejudicial comments to the press.  Furthermore, any prosecution of Mr Overd would likely receive a lot of media attention.  How would you respond to comments that you’re an attention seeker with an axe to grind, that you’re seeking to stir up the public against someone you’ve taken a personal dislike to?
(7)  In view of all current policing concerns in regard of Taunton town centre, how high a priority is silencing Mr Overd for you, in comparison with, say, preventing and detecting thefts, assaults, criminal damage, drug dealing or drunk/disorderly behaviour?
(8)  Do you wish to suppress the freedom of speech of any other person, besides this Christian evangelist, in Taunton town centre?  If so, who and why?
(9)  Have you ever been a participant – whether in or out of police uniform – in a ‘gay pride’ march or similar homosexual event?
(10)  Public ‘Gay Pride’ events might reasonably be viewed as ‘homosexual evangelism’ – i.e. publicly encouraging others towards homosexual behaviour (just as Mr Overd, a Christian, publicly encourages others towards the behaviour he approves).  Plenty of people take offence at ‘gay pride’ events.  In your own words, what do you think about public displays of ‘gay pride’?  In particular, do you have anything negative or critical to say about ‘gay pride’?
Thank you for your assistance in this matter.
Yours faithfully,
Mr. Richard Carvath. “
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ISIS in the UK: the fears of MI5

My quick comment on the ISIS threat to the UK is here.

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Alex Salmond and Robert Green

In my time, I’ve seen some serious corruption in and around British courts.  I know of social workers kidnapping babies from perfectly decent parents through our secretive family courts.  I know plenty of proven instances of bent police officers; I even know of entire police forces operating as official policy the non-enforcement of the law.  I know of police raids on the homes of [the dwindling number of] serious investigative journalists in the UK – not to mention the random searches of such journalists’ persons and vehicles.  I know of unchallengeable, sweeping powers – powers intended for terrorism – being used by the authorities to hinder and silence journalists.  I know of sectionings (i.e. forcible detentions in psychiatric units) or attempted sectionings, completely ‘out of the blue’, of perfectly sane and normal people… but who just happen to have made an enemy of a police officer, a social worker or anybody else with the power, directly or by proxy, to destroy their victims via the illegal application of the Mental Health Act.  And sadly, most of the time, the bad guys – the bent police officers and others – get away with it [in this life], because they know the system, belong to the network and have the financial resources, the professional status and legal expertise to crush the average man on the street.  Furthermore, they know that the feeble British press – which today, despite the advent of the internet, is poor at serious investigative journalism – is unlikely ever to report their dirty deeds, or allegations of their dirty deeds, in any particular case (and indeed, if anything is reported, are more likely to report a bent police officer’s fabrications unquestioningly, as most press reports of crime nowadays are simply verbatim or slightly re-worded press releases from the police).  The extent of the corruption which exists in the UK today was once the preserve of banana republics and tin-pot tyrannies, but now it is very much day-to-day reality here.

Within the UK, it seems Scotland leads the way in pioneering judicial corruption, and in the suppression and manipulation of the mainstream press.  One of the worst cases I’ve ever seen is the long-running saga of Robert Green and Hollie Greig.  In fact, I only started writing this blog post to make the following observation… it is very interesting to note that Robert Green’s trial, originally expected last month, has been set back (by six months!) to January of 2015, which is of course many months after the imminent Scottish independence referendum.  Just a coincidence?  Looks a bit fishy to me.

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A sensible policy (35 years ago)

3DT1979(c)RCarvath It’s fascinating to spend time in the archives, and vital to understanding how and why Britain came to be in the present state.  This week I went back to 1979; the above image (the DT, 13 June 1979) is from the day after the first budget of the new Tory Chancellor, Sir Geoffrey Howe.  How times change, and, where the marriage-based family is concerned, not for the better.

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Impending doom for the Tories


UKIP continues to grow in Tory heartlands and the evidence is everywhere to be seen.  The rise of UKIP doesn’t amount to a full-scale ‘revolution’ – yet – but there’s no doubt many Tory associations are now in crisis as grassroots conservatives jump ship and newcomers are nowhere to be seen.  The Conservative Party is in crisis, largely because it ceased to be either socially or economically conservative a long time ago, and, since David Cameron’s hijack of the party, more and more grassroots conservatives have concluded enough’s enough.  Tory party membership has collapsed since David Cameron took the helm, to the point where many local constituency associations are now so weak that it’s no longer possible to muster enough activists or cash with which to mount a proper grassroots election campaign.  CCHQ’s refusal to disclose the party’s total membership is confirmation the Tories are dying and will likely lose the 2015 General Election, despite the obvious deficiencies of Ed Miliband.  A party hierarchy which betrays its own members doesn’t deserve to have any, and a party the very name of which is a lie will struggle to win the support of voters.  The current ‘Conservative’ Party really ought to be re-named the Homosexual Party or the EU Party or something else honest, as claiming to be a conservative party isn’t fooling any real conservatives any more.

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