A Chief Inspector spills the beans

Yesterday I had a disappointing email correspondence (4 emails) with Greater Manchester Police (GMP).
Chief Inspector Derek Hewitt wrote to me (10:33 hours, 20th March 2014) “…on behalf of Chief Superintendent Hankinson…” to offer me a meeting with himself and Inspector Debbie Weake at Wythenshawe Police Station.
This offer of a meeting was to discuss the matter of the Sandy’s Superstars illegal brothel at 375 Palatine Road which GMP has been turning a blind eye to for over ten years in response to my raising this issue via email with Chief Superintendent Catherine Hankinson, who is GMP’s newly-appointed (March 2014) Divisional Commander for South Manchester.
I replied to Chief Inspector Hewitt with a lengthy email (15:51) in which I declined his offer of a meeting whilst making it clear that I would be keen to speak with him in person if GMP were to provide me with a written commitment to enforcing the law in regard of the Sandy’s Superstars illegal brothel.
Chief Inspector Hewitt wrote back to me (17:17) to acknowledge my decision to decline his offer; stating that, “The invitation to meet with Inspector Weake and myself at Wythenshawe remains open should you wish to reconsider.”
His email (17:17) also contained the following admission: “Greater Manchester Police have responded to your concerns on a number of occasions and that position has not changed since the last correspondence.  I can inform you that the premises [i.e. the Sandy’s Superstars illegal brothel] you refer to in Northenden have been visited as recently as February 2014 by Manchester Action on Street Health (MASH), during this visit there were no concerns raised.”
I replied a second time to Chief Inspector Hewitt with the following email (18:08), which I think neatly summarises the current impasse between the law-abiding public on the one hand and the non-policing police on the other:
“Dear Chief Inspector Hewitt,
Thank you for your reply.  … Your reference to the recent visit by [GMP partner] MASH to the Sandy’s Superstars *illegal* brothel in Northenden is very interesting indeed.
MASH is on public record as approving of the Sandy’s Superstars *illegal* brothel in Northenden and is also known to advocate the legalisation of brothels.  You, the police, are in partnership with and doing the bidding of a group which directly opposes the fundamental purpose of the police – namely law enforcement.
I can only interpret your reference to MASH and the fact that, as you state, MASH has raised “no concerns” to GMP about the *illegal* Sandy’s Superstars brothel to mean that it remains the case that GMP has no intention of ever enforcing the law (the Sexual Offences Act 2003, against keeping a brothel) upon those criminals responsible for running illegal brothels in Greater Manchester, in line with what is clearly GMP’s ongoing vice trade policy, as previously disclosed in an FOI response to me.
Therefore, there is clearly no point at all in any meeting between us as we are committed to opposite agendas; I am committed to enforcing the law (i.e. closing down all illegal brothels), whereas GMP is committed to *not* enforcing the law (and, moreover, is at the forefront of efforts to legalise brothels and other vice-related offences).
Whilst I’m willing to help police officers in fulfilling their duty to uphold the law, I obviously cannot be of any assistance to a police force which is committed to undermining the law and supporting prostitution.  We ought not to waste each other’s time.
Once again, thank you for your email.
Yours sincerely,
Mr. Richard Carvath.”
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