Robert Green, the Greigs, Salmond and Angiolini

Robert Green and I have only met once in person, some years ago, and then only in passing, but I am well aware of his work – particularly in relation to the case of Hollie Greig and a paedophile ring in Aberdeen.
My knowledge of the man is such that I salute Robert Green, a ‘battle-scarred veteran’ who is now effectively silenced for life (by the Scottish judiciary) regarding the Hollie Greig case.
On the basis on the evidence I’ve seen over the years, my opinion – which I state only in general terms here – is that: (1) Hollie Greig is a credible witness; (2) Hollie Greig did suffer at the hands of Aberdeen paedophiles; (3) Hollie Greig’s uncle was murdered, and this murder covered-up by the police; (4) the police have never made a proper and thorough investigation of Hollie Greig’s complaint; (5) Alex Salmond and Elish Angiolini both have questions to answer regarding the Hollie Greig case; (6) despite the convictions he has received, Robert Green is innocent of any criminal activity regarding his investigation of this case and his pursuit of justice; (7) there are paedophiles amongst the Scottish judiciary today; (8) justice has never been done in the Hollie Greig case, and in fact several miscarriages of justice have occurred in relation to this complex case (notably the treatment of Robert Green by the Scottish judiciary).
I might add that the coverage – and mainly the non-coverage – over the years of the Hollie Greig saga by the Scottish press has been an utter dereliction of duty – if indeed we believe it the job of the press to bring important matters to the public’s attention in the public interest, matters such as allegations of police and judicial corruption and concerns over repeated miscarriages of justice.
In my belief, the Hollie Greig case amounts to a profoundly disturbing series of miscarriages of justice, ranging from, on the one hand, the wrongful convictions of investigator Robert Green to, on the other hand, the lack of any prosecutions, let alone convictions, of Aberdeen’s paedophiles, or the murderer(s) of Hollie Greig’s uncle, or of those involved in perjury against Robert Green, or of criminals’ various accomplices.
Robert Green put the pursuit of truth and justice for child sex abuse victims ahead of his own liberty, safety, health, finances and reputation.  He has made huge sacrifices on behalf of society’s most vulnerable.  By contrast, the mainstream Scottish press and broadcasters sat on their hands and looked the other way.
Experience has taught me that in cases of corruption involving bent police officers (or similar authority figures), the police mostly get away with it – in this life.
Most likely, the many victims of injustice in the Hollie Greig saga must wait for God’s justice.  The truth will be told, and justice will be done…
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