Michael Overd case: renowned public speaker Roland Parsons on free speech law

 In the wake of Michael Overd’s wrongful conviction for a public order ‘hate crime’ last month, renowned public speaker Roland Parsons has written a good summary of British law as it relates to speaking in public.
Former engineer Mr Parsons, with thirty years’ experience as a public speaker, explained the law on freedom of speech in a recently-published letter to a newspaper.
I have obtained the publisher’s permission to re-publish Mr Parsons’ letter online, so as to make his letter more widely available, because Mr Parsons has written authoritatively and succinctly on the freedom to speak in public in Britain.  (My thanks to BCN for permission granted, and also to the person who first brought the letter to my attention.)
Readers can click on the letter to see it full size.
I cannot really give a better summary of the law than that given by Roland Parsons in his letter, and, given the context (public speaking), champion-of-the-poor Mr Parsons – a survivor of attempted murder – writes with greater personal authority.
I hope that many will benefit from reading this respected speaker’s letter.
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