Linda Jones trial: displaying the flag of Israel is a hate crime?

EXCLUSIVE: 23:23 hrs, Friday 17 April.
Updated 00:01 hrs, Monday 20 April.
A [Messianic] Jewish lady, Linda Jones (nee Popowski), 65, of St Albans, is to stand trial (before a District Judge) at St Albans Magistrates’ Court on Monday 20th April (scheduled for 20 and 21 April 2015).
Linda Jones is charged with a racially/religiously aggravated criminal offence (under the Crime and Disorder Act 1998).
The charge against Jones relates to 17 April 2014 (which was Pesach/Easter time).
My understanding is that the charge alleges that Linda Jones: “…said that Muslim people grow up to … be terrorists.”
Jones denies saying this.
Jones was in a pedestrian area in Watford with a table displaying [Messianic] Jewish literature to the general public.
The British flag and the flag of Israel were draped down the front of the table.
Some nearby Muslims – believed by the accused to be Hamas supporters – shouted anti-Israel remarks at Jones.
A car belonging to a friend of Jones was attacked, with Jones and her friend inside the car.
It is thought that the prosecution will present the flag of Israel (and Beit Nitzachon’s Jewish literature), confiscated from Jones by the Hertfordshire Constabulary, as evidence of Jones’ alleged criminal conduct.
The rationale appears to be that to publicly display the flag of Israel could constitute a ‘hate crime’ against Muslims.
On 24 July 2014, Jones again displayed the flag of Israel and Jewish literature to the public.
A woman ripped Israel’s flag off Jones’ table and threw it to the ground.  (The woman did not do this with the British flag.)
Hertfordshire police did not arrest this woman; the police arrested Linda Jones.
Jones was held in a police cell for about nine hours; Jones was interviewed by the police for about two hours.
The police refused to allow Jones to telephone her daughter.
The police confiscated the table, the flag of Israel, Beit Nitzachon literature and the Jewish scriptures.
The confiscated flag is the property of Elder Lionel Zucker.
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