Linda Jones trial, Monday 20 April

District Judge Annabel Pilling.
Prosecuting for the CPS, barrister Alan Burdis-Smith.
Defending, solicitor Michael Phillips.
Defendant Miss Linda Jones, 65; Jewish.
Jones faces one charge under Section 4 (a) of the Public Order Act 1986.  The alleged offence is deemed to be racially/religiously aggravated as per Section 28 of the Crime and Disorder Act 1998.
Prosecution opened this morning.  Two prosecution witnesses were examined and cross-examined before lunch.  Both witnesses now dismissed.  These prosecution witnesses were both male and Asian.  These witnesses both testified that they were friends with each other.  Both testified that they are Muslims.  Their names: Mr Haroon Munir (aged 24) and Mr Hamza Shah (aged 21).  The witnesses gave testimony with regard to events on 17 April 2014 on Watford High Street.  The witnesses testified that their statements were not taken by the police until the day after.
Haroon Munir testified that he approached the defendant that day: “I approached it to find out what the stall was about.”  (11:28)
Munir: “Me and the defendant had a little chat.”  (11:30)
Munir: “I’d not seen the Israel flag in Watford before.”  (11:31)
Munir: “She [Jones] was saying Israel belonged to the Jews and Palestine didn’t exist.”  (11:32)
Munir: “She said … you’ll grow up to be a terrorist.”  (11:33)
Munir: “It was the first time I’d been harassed in public.”  (11:33)
Munir: “My friend [Hamza Shah] held me back.”
Munir: “I was getting angry…” (11:35)
Cross-examining Munir, Michael Phillips said, “You were the aggressor.”
Munir, “No.”  (11:42)
Phillips, “You needed to walk away to calm down?”
Munir, “Yes.”
Phillips, “You have strong views on the conflict which is going on in the Holy Land?”  (11:43)
Munir, “Yes.”
Phillips, “Who spoke to who first?”  (11:46)
Munir, “It was me.”
(11:48)  Munir, “She [Jones] was aggressive.”
(11:50)  Phillips, “Did she [Jones] mention Hamas?”
Munir, “Not to my knowledge, no.”
(11:55)  Phillips, “When did you raise your voice?”
Munir, “When she [Jones] accused me of being a terrorist.”
(11:59)  Phillips, “Do you remember any discussion about Kashmir?”
Munir, “No.”
The second prosecution witness, Mr Hamza Shah, commenced his testimony at 12:09.
Shah said, “Haroon went over…” (12:14)
Shah said that Jones said, “You people are going to Hell; you people are terrorists.”  (12:35)
During cross-examination, Shah said, “He [Haroon Munir] got annoyed.”  (12:38)
(12:38)  Phillips asked, “You had to pull him [Munir] away, didn’t you?”
Shah, “Yeah I pulled him away…”
(12:39)  Shah said, “He [Munir] just wanted to make his point.”
(12:40)  Phillips asked, “He [Munir] has got strong views on Palestine, hasn’t he?”
Shah, “Yes…”
[Shah did not understand the word ‘sympathiser’ and so]
(12:41)  Phillips asked, “You feel more sorry for the Palestinians [than the Israelis], would you agree with me?”
Shah, “Yes.”
(12:44)  Phillips, “Your friend [Munir], right from the very beginning was aggressive?”
Shah, “I wouldn’t say he was aggressive.”
Shah, “I just wanted to get him [Munir] away.”  (12:44)
(12:49)  Phillips, “Did the Polish man mention Kashmir?”
Shah, “Yes.”
Regarding the fact that Munir and Shah did not give statements to the police until the day after the incident, (12:58) Phillips asked, “Did you have a chat with your friend?”
Shah, “No.”
Prosecutor Alan Burdis-Smith commenced his examination of the third and final prosecution witness, Miss Heather Inglis, at 14:13.
The court heard that Inglis did not give her statement to the police until the day after the incident.
(14:16)  Inglis said, “I don’t remember much of what was said.”
(14:17)  Inglis, “I was out shopping with my sister, my two children and my nephew.”
(14:20)  Inglis, “I have Tourette’s Syndrome.”
(14:21)  Inglis, “She [Jones] was in the process of handing out leaflets.”
(14:22)  Burdis-Smith asked, “Can you recall what the Polish man was saying?”
Inglis, “No…”
(14:22)  Burdis-Smith, “What did you do?”
Inglis, “I approached…”
Inglis, “There was a lot of screaming and shouting back and forth.”
(14:23)  Burdis-Smith, “Who was doing the screaming?”
Inglis, “They all were.”
(14:24)  Inglis, “They were arguing over religion.”
(14:26)  The court resolved that Inglis could refer to her statement given to the police on 18 April 2014; regarding her ability to recall the incident, Inglis said, “We were told it [the case against Jones] was going to be thrown out, so we forgot about the case.”
(14:27)  Burdis-Smith asked, “How was she [Jones] saying it?”
Inglis, “Very aggressively.”
(14:27)  Inglis, “She [Jones] was saying it to two young Asian men.”
(14:29)  Referring to her statement (18 April 2014), Inglis said that Jones said, “Your Koran is full of the Devil’s works.  You are all terrorists.”
(14:30)  Inglis, “She [Jones] said ‘You Asians, you are all fucking terrorists.’ “
(14:32)  Inglis, “She [Jones] said … ‘they [Muslims] rape and kill children.’ “
(14:33)  Inglis, “She [Jones] said ‘You’re a Paki, you’re part of Romania.”
(14:35)  Inglis, “She [Jones] turned to the younger of the Asian males and said ‘You can shut up, you’re going to Hell.’ “
(14:37)  Inglis, “She [Jones] said ‘You’re Pakis from Pakistan; you’re terrorists.’ “
(14:39)  Burdis-Smith, “Your sister said ‘I’m Catholic’?”
Inglis, “Yes.”
Burdis-Smith, “Did she [Jones] say anything in response to that?”
Inglis, “She [Jones] said ‘You’re going to Hell as well.’ “
(14:40)  Inglis, “She [Jones] said ‘I’ve seen your kids [Inglis’ children]; you’ve given birth to terrorists.’ “
(14:40)  Inglis, “My children are mixed race.”
(14:42)  Inglis, “She [Jones] said ‘Go away, you’re all damned to Hell.  If you’re not white or Jewish, then you are a terrorist.’ “
(14:42)  Inglis, “I thought she [Jones] had a mental health condition.”
(14:43)  Inglis, “She [Jones] was giving out leaflets – but only to white people; she was harassing anyone else.”
(14:45)  Inglis, “I called 101 for the police.”
(14:48)  Inglis, “The old lady [Jones] kept screaming… ‘You’ve given birth to terrorists.’ “
During cross-examination, (14:54) Inglis said, “At least four people had their hijabs pulled off [by Jones].”
(14:55)  Phillips, “Would you be able to describe these four people please?”
Inglis, “No…”
(14:56)  Inglis, “They [hijab-wearing people] were just passers by.”
(14:58)  Phillips, “Did the women who were attacked say anything?”
Inglis, “They gave her [Jones] a look of disgust.”
(15:06)  Phillips, “Do you ever get slightly confused about things?”
Inglis, “No, I don’t.”
(15:10)  Inglis, “I clearly did get the wrong end of the stick.”
(15:11)  Phillips, “Had you been drinking that day?”
Inglis, “I don’t drink.”
(15:14)  Inglis, “She [Jones] told me I gave birth to terrorists.”
(15:15)  Phillips, “Did she say ‘fuck’ or ‘fucking’?”
Inglis, “Yes.”
(15:15)  Inglis, “I have Tourette’s.”
(15:17)  Inglis, “I thought she [Jones] was either intoxicated, on drugs or had a mental health problem.”
(15:23)  Inglis, “I know that that woman [Jones] went out on the streets of Watford and tried to start a terrorist group.”
(15:24)  Inglis, “She [Jones] said ‘If you’re not white or Jewish, you are a terrorist.’ “
(15:25)  Inglis, “Arrest me, because I’ve had enough.”
[By this point, Inglis appeared to be weeping.]
(15:26)  Inglis (to Phillips), “Would you like me to correct it [Inglis’ written statement] now – and what colour knickers I was wearing?”
(15:29)  Inglis, “I don’t even understand why I was called as a witness.”
Between 15:32 and 15:40 the Judge permitted Inglis a break in which to compose herself.
Phillips then concluded his cross-examination.
Proceedings ended shortly before 16:00.
The defence will call its witnesses tomorrow.
It is anticipated that the trial will finish tomorrow.
The case continues.
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