St Albans trial: Linda Jones testimony, Tuesday 21 April

Defendant Linda Jones gave testimony 10:27 to 11:30
(10:28) Jones, “I feel I have been given the gift of evangelism from the Lord.”
(10:31) Examining, Phillips, “Do you have any ill feeling towards them [Pakistanis]?”
Jones, “No.”
(10:34) Philips, “You don’t have schizophrenia?”
Jones, “No, no…”
(10:34) Jones, “One of them [Munir] was very angry.”
(10:42) Jones, “I felt quite intimidated … the subject of Hamas came up again.”
(10:43) Jones, “Hamas is seen as a terrorist organisation. … They groom their children from an early age.”
(10:45) Jones, “They [Inglis, and Inglis’ sister Genevieve Barrett] seemed to be making themselves angry … I was intimidated.”
(10:46) Phillips, “Did you pull a hijab off a child?”
Jones, “No.”
Phillips, “Did you pull a hijab off an adult?”
Jones, “No.”
(10:47) Phillips, “Do you swear?”
Jones, “No.”
Phillips, “Do you ever describe people as Pakis?”
Jones, “No.”
(10:48) Phillips, “Do you say anything along the lines of people being damned to Hell?”
Jones, “No.”
(10:49) Jones, “The statements [of Inglis] have no logic to them.”
In her testimony, Jones denied saying anything that Inglis testifed she had said.
(10:51) Jones, “Had I not been safely in the back [of a car] I thought she might have pulled me out and attacked me.”
(10:51) Jones, “The father of my children is a Roman Catholic.”
(10:54) Jones, “…they were all circling me and intimidating me…”
Cross-examining, (11:01) Burdis-Smith, “Was that [the Israel flag] there to wind up Muslims?”
(11:02) Burdis-Smith, “Could you not have had a Palestinian flag alongside the Israel flag?”
Jones, “I don’t ever see the Muslims going out with an Israel flag.”
(11:03) Burdis-Smith, “You were supporting Israel on this day … you were pro-Israel on this particular day, weren’t you?”
Jones, “Yes…”
(11:05) Burdis-Smith, “You did what you did in the full knowledge that people might be upset.”
(11:06) Burdis-Smith, “That message [Jones’ and Beit Nitzachon’s] is anti-Islamic.”
(11:08) Burdis-Smith, “You were promoting Israel … the conversation switched to Palestine … that’s correct, isn’t it?”
(11:09) Jones, “They [Munir and Shah] were laughing, they were mocking, they were looking for trouble.”
(11:10) Jones, “I do not go out and make personal insults to Muslims.”
(11:13) Burdis-Smith, “You were heard to say ‘Israel belongs to the Jews’. That’s a good way to wind up Muslims, isn’t it?”
(11:16) Burdis-Smith, “You accused her [Inglis] of raising terrorists?”
Jones, “No; it’s incredulous.”
(11:17) Burdis-Smith, “Why did you pull a hijab off a young girl?”
Jones, “I didn’t.”
(11:18) Jones, “They [Munir, Shah and Inglis] found occasion to cause trouble…”
(11:20) Jones, “It’s … anti-semitism.”
(11:23) Jones, “Miss Inglis … she was all over the place, and saying all manner of things…”
Finally, Judge Pilling asked some questions of Jones.
(11:25) Jones, “Beit Nitzachon … regularly take out a table … and we always have an Israel flag.”
(11:26) Judge Pilling, “Why is that?”
Jones, “We are upholding the Jewish roots of our faith.”
The trial continues…


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