It could soon be a crime to say F**k in Salford

Ever since Public Spaces Protection Orders (PSPOs) powers were introduced last year, under the Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014, it was only a matter of time until attempts would be made to use these powers to control speech in public.
Salford City Council is proposing a new PSPO to include banning “foul language” in the Salford Quays area.  If this PSPO actually happens, as currently proposed, it could soon become a crime to say ‘f**k’ in Salford.  It will be a crime to say certain words in the PSPO-designated area of Salford Quays, but not in other parts of Salford, or indeed anywhere else in the country.
Is Salford City Council going to specify exactly which words or phrases may not be spoken under the proposed PSPO?  How is the council going to make the public aware of which words are no longer permitted to be spoken in a certain area of Salford?
Whilst I don’t condone the use of what is generally considered to be ‘foul language’ and dislike hearing it repeatedly in public, do we not need to remind ourselves of Niemoller?  First they came for the yobbos…
Where does it end?  Will they propose banning ‘anti-gay language’ in a PSPO zone next?  ‘Pro-life language’?  ‘Evangelical language’?  ‘Religious language’?  ‘Political language’?  Will PSPOs be used to criminalise any words deemed by police officers or council officials to be ‘hate speech’?
Whatever happened to the rule of law in Britain?  However well-intended those seeking to invoke PSPO powers may be, how can the enforcement of ill-defined and/or localised offences under PSPOs possibly be either sensible or just?
We should be very concerned about any attempt to limit the freedom to speak in public.  How long until PSPO powers are used to target street preaching?  In the current climate this is likely to happen.
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