Murderous Marris and his new Kill Bill

Rob Marris, the Labour MP for Wolverhampton South West, is the latest politician to attempt to legalise ‘assisted suicide’ (i.e. euthanasia).
Assisted suicide is  generally referred to by its supporters with the softer-sounding euphemism ‘assisted dying’ – but be clear that what we’re talking about here is doctors and nurses deliberately killing people.
Marris’ new euthanasia Bill is essentially the same as previous unsuccessful attempts to legislate for euthanasia led by Lord Falconer.
MPs are scheduled to vote on Marris’ assisted suicide Bill on Friday 11 September, in what is likely to be a free vote.
The purpose of the Marris’ Bill is to permit doctors to kill people believed to be mentally competent and with under six months to live.
In practice, were this evil Bill ever to become law, we would soon see doctors routinely killing off countless elderly, disabled and vulnerable people in a growing euthanasia holocaust (to add to the abortion holocaust we already have).
Where euthanasia is practised, there is no legal means to prevent doctors routinely committing ‘assisted suicide’ murders of people who do not want to die.
Failsafe and foolproof safeguards are not possible once euthanasia is permitted.  The Marris Bill proposes a judge to approve each individual request for assisted suicide but this would be no more than a rubber-stamping exercise (as with divorce).
Marris’ assisted suicide Bill is opposed by the British Medical Association, the Royal College of GPs, the Royal College of Physicians, the British Geriatrics Society, the Association for Palliative Medicine, SCOPE, SPUC, Not Dead Yet UK, the UK Disabled People’s Council and Disability Rights UK amongst many others.
If Marris’ assisted suicide Bill became law, it would be the ‘thin end of the wedge’ which would swiftly lead to the widespread murdering by the medical profession of countless elderly, disabled, sick, depressed and vulnerable people.
Furthermore, the legalisation of assisted suicide would undermine respect and concern for elderly and disabled people, destroy palliative care, and reduce the budgets for and availability of many medical treatments to enhance and preserve life.
For those concerned to stop the Marris Bill, the timing of the House of Commons vote is unfortunate (or worse, fishy).  It’s on a Friday, and 11th September is just four days after MPs return to the Commons after their summer recess.
The Commons rises for its summer break on 21st July, and so the time is now to lobby your MP if you want to urge him or her to be present for the vote – and to vote against the Marris Bill.  Lobby MPs now so that they are aware of the vote on the Bill and can arrange their diaries accordingly.
MPs are supposed to represent the best interests of constituents – not pass laws enabling and obliging doctors to murder vulnerable and defenceless patients.
No sane, decent person wants British hospitals to be turned into death camps (any more than they already are for many unborn babies).  Rob Marris MP must be stopped.
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