Taunton Crown Court: C of E homosexual Darren Chalmers and Christian preacher Michael Overd

Taunton’s Christian street preacher Mike Overd was convicted of a public order offence earlier this year, for the crime of telling homosexual C of E churchgoer Darren Chalmers that ‘God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve’, and for maintaining the orthodox Christian belief that homosexual behaviour is sin during a conversation initiated by Darren Chalmers in Taunton in 2014.  (See here and here for some background.)
Mr Overd is appealing against his conviction and there is to be a re-trial at Taunton Crown Court on Friday 31 July 2015.
With today’s news of Ruth Worsley’s appointment as the next bishop of Taunton, the big question is does she support Christian evangelist Mike Overd or C of E homosexual Darren Chalmers?
Do Anglican Bishops Peter Hancock (Bath and Wells) and Ruth Worsley (Taunton) back Mike Overd’s orthodox Biblical views and Mike’s liberty to preach the gospel in Taunton, or do they back Darren Chalmers in his belief that homosexual behaviour isn’t sin and that Mike Overd should not be free to preach orthodox Biblical views in public?
Homosexual churchgoer Darren Chalmers, 29, of Taunton, is on Twitter here (and here) and Facebook here.
Mr Chalmers was born Darren Lee Huxtable but changed his surname to his mother’s maiden name, Chalmers, twelve years ago in 2003.
Mr Chalmers works at Barry the Baker in Taunton.
Homosexual Mr Chalmers was ‘confirmed’ in 1999, at the age of 13, at St Peter’s Church, Taunton.
Homosexual Mr Chalmers is a regular Anglican churchgoer in Taunton, and a current member of the Bath and Wells Diocesan Synod.
Mr Chalmers’ Twitter profile photo shows him with his hand on another man’s bottom.
Amongst other accounts followed by Mr Chalmers on Twitter are Bishop Peter Hancock (@bathwellsbish) and Little Desires (@LittleDesiresUK) which offers “adult brands & consumables”.
Mr Chalmers is followed on Twitter by the Diocese of Bath & Wells (@BathWells).
On his Facebook feed Mr Chalmers hosts photos of a gay pride event, hosts an Easter joke about a “hot cross bum”, hosts homosexual innuendo about Royal Marines commandos, jokes about penises and expresses his homosexual desire for Prime Minister David Cameron.
He belongs to several homosexual groups on Facebook, including gay venues in Bristol.
Mr Chalmers is ‘Facebook Friends’ with Taunton homosexual Craig Manning – the same Mr Manning who was a complainant and prosecution witness against Mr Overd at the first ‘hate crime’ trial of Mr Overd in 2012 (Overd was acquitted in 2012).
What would Jesus say?
And what do C of E bishops Peter Hancock and Ruth Worsley have to say?
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