Delightful Good News

Here’s a good news story I saw on social media earlier today.  This is real news, though you’re very unlikely ever to see this (or similar stories) in your local newspaper or on newspapers’ websites.  The media fails (or deliberately omits) to tell the British public lots of important bad news, but the media is even worse at passing on good news.  I think the following good news story is actually rather important, when you stop to think about it.  If the same woman, whose story you’re about to read, had been sentenced for a crime to fund her drug habit, or if she had died young in tragic circumstances, then the newspapers might well have run a story on her, but instead, her life miraculously transformed, I doubt we’ll see this story in the papers…
T.J. wrote: “18 months ago, I came to Victory Outreach Manchester a messed up, broken woman. Addicted to crack and heroin I felt lost and couldn’t see a way out… But God, God had a plan for my life that was beyond anything I could’ve asked or imagined, when thought I was lost God found me, I was lonely and He placed me in a beautiful spiritual family, I thank you God for V.A.L. P.L. F.M. and B.M. plus the many others who you continue to use, to grow me, to strengthen my character. 18 months ago I thought I was destined to die an addict… But God, God has restored to me my family, my children, D.M. I’ll never understand fully what you had to go through but I stand now for you and for my children, my brothers and sisters. I have wonderful friends, a great support network and a job, I serve a miracle working God and i am all I am because He is who He is. I pray that someone is encouraged by this today… No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind can conceive what the Lord our God has planned for those that love him. May God bless you abundantly today.”
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