Devon & Cornwall: large rise in recorded violent and sexual crimes

Over the last year there has been a large rise in recorded violent and sexual crime, according to figures released by Devon & Cornwall Police.
Police figures for recorded crime across Devon and Cornwall between 01 August 2014 and 31 July 2015 reveal that in the last year there were 11,162 crimes classified as “Violence with Injury” (up 1.5% from 10,996 the year before), 11,399 crimes of “Violence without Injury” (up 11.2% from 10,247 the year before), 963 “Rape” crimes (up 28.6% from 749 the year before) and 1,837 “Other Sexual Offences” (up 27% from 1,447 the year before).
[Figures for all categories of recorded crime are available on the police website.]
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