Met Police order removal of Jesus Christ banner at Hyde Park Speaker’s Corner

On 16 August 2015 a Met Police officer ordered a British Christian speaker to remove a banner bearing the words “The Blood of Jesus Christ” from the railings at Speaker’s Corner, Hyde Park.  The Christian gentleman had been displaying his Jesus banner on nearby railings as he spoke to the public.  The police officer told the Christian that his Jesus banner “must come down” and the Christian complied.  The police did not tell any of the other speakers to remove signs or banners.  Prior to this incident, the Christian had regularly preached and displayed his Jesus banner at Speaker’s Corner, without any police intervention, since 1987.
COMMENT: Tyranny beckons.  There is something seriously wrong when the Met Police start suppressing British Christians at Speaker’s Corner.  This Christian’s banner and the display of the banner were both lawful.  The police officer was quite wrong to order the Christian to remove his banner.  It is probable that the police ordered the banner removed for fear of it offending Muslims.  If Extremism Disruption Orders (EDOs) are introduced, though EDOs are proposed as a means of tackling Islamic troublemakers, it is far more likely that EDOs will be deployed against Christians in Britain, despite the fact British Christians pose no threat to their country whatsoever.
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