Social Services stealing yet more children

Later this week, in one of Britain’s secret ‘Family Courts’, a family will attempt to stop the Social Services permanently removing four children (aged 8, 6, 5 and 2) from their parents.
The children have already been separated from their parents for over six months.  The statistics say these parents will most likely never see their children again; court orders for forced adoptions are currently granted for 97% of applications by the Social Services.
As with so many of these cases, the treatment of this family by the Social Services and Police has been absolutely appalling – and I cannot report any names and bring this injustice to light properly because Britain’s so-called ‘Family Courts’ are secret courts which cannot be reported.  Any journalist (or other person) publishing names in such cases would be jailed for ‘contempt of court’.
The stealing of children by social workers is a lucrative business; the four children in this particular case are worth about £100,000 to fostering/adoption agents.
In this case, the parents were arrested by police in February 2015 following a malicious allegation by a social worker that they had neglected and assaulted their four children.  The parents were held in police cells for 30 hours and were treated very badly by the police.
No evidence of physical assault has ever been found on any of the children and the allegation of neglect is based solely on the word of a malicious social worker.  The Social Services have fabricated numerous groundless allegations against not only the parents but also both sets of grandparents in order to proceed with an application for the forced adoption of the children.
The stealing of children by Social Services is happening to hundreds of families every year, but it is illegal to report these Family Court cases.  This is profoundly wrong.
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