Extremist gathering near the Home Office


Extremists flocked to a meeting held just yards from the Home Office yesterday.
The photo above shows notorious extremist Andrew Marsh arriving for the meeting of extremist group the National Church Leaders’ Forum (NCLF) at extremist venue the Emmanuel Centre on Marsham Street.
Just look at the man.  This is exactly the sort of extremist who might, without warning, whip his Bible out in public.  Imagine the devastation of Bible verses quoted in Sainsbury’s, Jesus mentioned in the pub, or worse, during church services.
Thankfully, Home Secretary Theresa May is pushing for legislation including Extremism Disruption Orders (EDOs) to deal with the likes of Mr Marsh.
And that’s why the extremists were meeting yesterday.  They want the Government to leave them alone.  They want freedom of speech, religious liberty, the rule of law and all that.  As I say, extremists.
Not only was the meeting held right under the nose of Theresa May, but it was attended and addressed by extremist Fiona Bruce MP (Conservative, Congleton).  What a torrent of hate speech.
Whilst I won’t be reporting any of what was said by the NCLF extremists yesterday – it’s too extreme for this blog – let’s hope that MI5 can prevent any further outrages in central London.
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