Audio: One of the ‘Schoolgirls’ on sale in Truro, Cornwall

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The above audio clip is very disturbing indeed.  The ‘schoolgirl’ is clearly suffering pain.  How horrific must be the film itself?  The audio clip is, I think, quite sufficient.
Why is this kind of depraved and sickening ‘schoolgirl’ pornography legal at all, and why is it on sale in Truro, in a licensed premises located immediately next door to a schoolchildren’s clothing shop?  It beggars belief that Cornwall Council could ever approve of this, but councillors did.
I chased up a pornography expert in Los Angeles for some background to this particular film; she said, “The Corrupt Schoolgirls franchise features at least one girl believed to be owned by a gang.  She’s rented out for porn shoots and gangbangs.”
“The girl you hear in the clip’s in harder films, yeah, like even harder than that, like, BDSM nasties, and there’s this one [film in which] she’s a virgin Christian girl and four guys rape her in a gangbang.”
Corrupt Schoolgirls is gruesome enough – ‘harder’ doesn’t bear thinking about.  But, whatever it is, as long as it’s R18 certified it can be sold legally in any licensed premises.
Does Cornwall Council really have the best interests of Cornish children at heart if councillors continue to support the Truro porn trade?
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