Archbishop Justin Welby snubs victims of Satanist Ritual Abuse

EXCLUSIVE by Richard Carvath.  23 May 2016.



Archbishop Justin Welby has stunned survivors of Satanist Ritual Abuse (SRA) by his failure to speak out on their behalf.
Nobel Peace Prize nominee and children’s campaigner Robert Green wrote to Welby in a letter dated 14 March 2016.  The subject of Green’s letter was “Satanist ritual abuse”.
Mr Green wrote: “…not enough is being done in order to counter this evil and protect the most vulnerable from horrific acts of abuse.”
“It is my view that a public statement made by you on this terrible situation would have an immense and positive effect.  Would you be prepared to do so?”
On 18 March 2016 Welby’s correspondence secretary Andrew Nunn wrote a reply to Mr Green.
On behalf of the Archbishop of Canterbury, Mr Nunn assured Mr Green that Justin Welby would “respond appropriately … robustly and without delay” to criminal convictions made against perpetrators of SRA.
Mr Green duly replied, in a letter dated 11 April 2016, in which he cited the conviction of Colin Batley (2011, Kidwelly) as just one example, and also referred to the well-known cases of the Satanist paedophile Jimmy Savile and SRA victim Hollie Greig.
Mr Green wrote: “…a public statement from Archbishop Justin would undoubtedly bring comfort and hope to those who have and are suffering SRA ordeals and would encourage others within and without positions of authority to speak out and confront this issue.”
To date, Mr Green has received neither acknowledgement nor reply from Lambeth Palace to his letter of 11 April, or to a reminder letter dated 17 May 2016.
Mr Green said: “I’ve supplied Lambeth Palace with undeniable evidence of SRA, as requested, but it looks as though Justin Welby has broken his promise to speak up for the victims of Satanist ritual abuse.”
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