Church of England maintains SRA silence

Children’s champion Robert Green says:
“One would surely expect that our church leaders would undertake their fundamental Christian duty to protect and defend the weak.  In particular, it must be reasonable to anticipate that the Church of England’s leaders would be willing and ready to publicly speak out.  Sadly, this seems not to be the case.  Following an exchange of correspondence with both the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Archbishop of York, it is becoming evident that neither are prepared to face down those who commit the most unspeakable of crimes in the name of God’s greatest enemy.  There can be little doubt that a public statement from both or either Archbishop would provide tremendous comfort to those who are presently suffering from SRA, and those whose lives have been horrifically damaged in the past.  The national silence on SRA must be broken.  As long as SRA remains swept under the carpet, the appalling suffering of a growing number of victims will continue unabated.”
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