St Paul’s silent on homosexual cohabitation in cathedral residence

By Richard Carvath        Friday 02 September 2016
St Paul’s Cathedral has failed to answer questions put to its press office about clerical homosexual cohabitation on its premises.
The cathedral’s press office was contacted via email on 16 August.
The enquiry read:  “…Canon Mark Oakley resides at an Amen Court address – which is St Paul’s Cathedral property – together with another gentleman, Mr Nicholas Laws.  …Canon Oakley and Mr Laws are both homosexual.  Mr Laws’ LinkedIn profile is here:  According to Mr Laws’ profile, since December 2012 he has participated in voluntary work with St Paul’s Cathedral School “boys aged 9 to 12”.  Moreover, Mr Laws refers to the boys having to “…cooperate with others in an informal home setting.”  …  (1)  What is the ‘informal home setting’?  Is this the Amen Court home of Canon Oakley and Mr Laws?  What home(s) does this refer to please?  (2)  Does Canon Oakley participate with Mr Laws in Mr Laws’ activities with the Cathedral boys?  (3)  Do Canon Oakley and Mr Laws regularly host boys in their Amen Court home?  (4)  Do you have any comment on Canon Oakley’s and Mr Laws’ residential living arrangements at Amen Court please?  (5)  How many boys are involved in Mr Laws’ activities? …”
The press office did not respond.
The only response came on 18 August from St Paul’s registrar Emma Davies; in a one-sentence email, she stated: “The school arranges all activities in line with its highest priority of ensuring the safety and well-being of students.”
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