Will Theresa May discipline Margot James MP?

Will Margot James, the lesbian Conservative MP for Stourbridge, face disciplinary action from Prime Minister Theresa May?
A few hours ago I tweeted the news that Margot James recently made a secret attempt to have a Christian group, VFJ UK, banned from Parliament.  The full story can be found on the Voice for Justice UK website.
To the best of my knowledge, homosexual Margot James is the first MP ever to attempt to have British citizens banned from their own Parliament, for no apparent reason other than their holding the view that marriage is the union of a man and a woman.
Can Margot James get away with this?  Will the Government ignore this astonishing attack on British liberty?  And will national media maintain a conspiracy of silence over this scandal?  This story ought to be well-known to the public.
Margot James surely deserves parliamentary censure.
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