Bristol Preachers trial: the WRONG verdict: Mike Overd and Michael Stockwell convicted of public disorder crime

Two of the four ‘Bristol Preachers’ – Don Karns and Adrian Clark – were previously cleared of charges of public disorder, but, at the end of a trial at Bristol Magistrates’ Court, lay magistrates have today convicted the other two Christians – Mike Overd and Michael Stockwell – of public disorder offences.
COMMENT: The convictions of Overd and Stockwell are wrong verdicts according to law.
In July 2016, the four Christian men were preaching – quite lawfully – about their Christian beliefs in a public place in Bristol; they were certainly not bent on causing any trouble.  They were not violent and did not incite violence.  They spoke no profane words.
In Britain we cherish liberty and the rule of law.  We do not live according to yobs’ mob rule.  Police officers are supposed to uphold the law and protect the right of law-abiding people to speak in public – not side with the mob against public speakers whom the yobs want to silence.
It’s yobs and mobs that engage in public disorder – not peaceful Christian evangelists.
In the modern era, the persecution in Britain of Christian public speakers (and others) began with the Public Order Act 1986.  Football hooliganism and serious industrial strife were the context in which this law was introduced.
The Public Order Act 1986 was never intended to silence or make criminals of Christian street preachers (or others) peacefully expressing their beliefs in public.
Expect an appeal against these wrongful convictions…
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