Theresa May: hollow words on Islamic terrorism

This morning Theresa May addressed Parliament about yesterday’s London terror attack.  Would it be harsh of me to criticise the Prime Minister’s propaganda?
The PM spoke of Britain never bowing to terrorism.  No doubt Theresa May’s words were very well intended.  She may even sincerely believe what she said.  But is it true?
The truth is that the British Government has a long record of giving in to terrorism.
From India, Palestine and Malaya to Cyprus, Aden and Kenya – and not forgetting Northern Ireland – in the last century the British Government has repeatedly given in to the demands of terrorists.
In all of these instances, terrorists succeeded in their aims against the British Government.  Terrorism may not have been the only factor at play in shaping the policy and actions of the British Government, but it was a significant factor, and sometimes the key factor.
The British Government has been appeasing Islam in Britain since at least the 1990s.  And the British Government is appeasing Islam to this day.
Will Britain really never bow to Islam?  Whilst there are still many good British people who would fight to the death to defend Britain against Islamic tyranny, I can’t say I’m over confident about Britain’s future prospects.
The truth is that Britain is already a long way down the road to being conquered by the Muslims.  The danger is real and the threat continues to grow.
We need more than words from the Prime Minister.  The root of the problem must be tackled – and tackled properly.  The root of the problem is the spirit and ideology of Islam.
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