Patrick Sookhdeo update

The February 2017 trial of Dr Patrick Sookhdeo at Snaresbrook Crown Court was postponed pending the outcome of an application to the Court of Appeal.
The application to the Court of Appeal presumably concerns Dr Sookhdeo’s extant wrongful convictions (dating to February 2015).  I do not know the outcome/current status of this application to appeal.
Presumably the current prosecution of Dr Sookhdeo – regarding a 1977 allegation, first complained of in November 2015 – will remain on hold until the application to appeal is finally resolved.
Sub judice criteria currently prevent journalists from publishing a significant volume of information about Dr Sookhdeo’s wrongful convictions (or, of course, the current prosecution).
Neither Dr Sookhdeo’s past accuser (2014) nor his current accuser (2015) can be publicly identified in Britain.
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