Sir Roger Moore on Paedophilia

The late Sir Roger Moore (in my opinion, the best Bond ever) wrote about much more than his acting career in his 2008 autobiography My Word is My Bond, which I read recently.
Moore touched briefly upon the subject of international paedophilia in chapter thirteen, where Sir Roger – who served for many years as a special representative for UNICEF – recounted his meeting with two street children in Brazil, a boy and a girl, both aged about twelve, and both of whom were forced into prostitution.
According to Moore, the girl was raped by a policeman at the age of eight.
Sir Roger explained that both children were “forced to go with men … usually foreigners, and mainly European paedophiles.”
Sickening though it is, to this day there are British ‘men’ who regularly travel far and wide to abuse women and children, and who even buy women, boys and girls for long-term exploitation as sex slaves.
For example, paedophiles from Rochdale are known to have abused children bought from Muslim gangs in Gaziantep.
The Turkish city of Gaziantep, long renowned as one of the largest exporters of carpets in the world, has in recent years become a honeypot drawing in child abusers seeking children for sale.
The prevalence of child sexual exploitation, right here on our doorsteps in Britain, is greater than most of us are aware and, in view of widespread indifference to it on the part of our increasingly corrupt authorities, it is a problem that looks set to grow worse.
Consider, for example, the shocking stories of police whistleblowers like Maggie Oliver and Jonathan Wedger.
Or you could ask questions of those who know what frequently happens to victims of child sexual abuse in the context of Family Court custody proceedings.  Our secretive Family Courts – widely acknowledged as corrupt – often give abusers access to or custody of their victims.
It ain’t right.  What are we going to do about it?
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