Waiting for the forced false retractions

You know that you-know story?  You know the one: it’s the story where the only people who are properly free to speak to the public are the Bent Judge and the Child Abuser(s).
Well, I’d have thought that by now the State’s agents, the Child Abuser and his associates are moving forward with the process of brainwashing their child victims in order to force the children to deny their previous allegations of abuse.
I say this because I know that this is standard practice in such cases.  When, in cases in which child abuse is alleged, a family court is in the process of removing children from their good, protective parent and handing them over to the custody of their abusive parent, the State will generally connive with the Child Abuser in order to discredit the children’s allegations.
In our you-know story, I suppose it reasonable to assume that our innocent child victims have been away from their good parent for a long time by now – and they’ve been captives of the State for a long time.
Who and what have the children been exposed to since they were State-kidnapped away from their good parent?
It is in the interests of the State/Bent Judge and the Child Abuser(s) to achieve one of two outcomes, of which the second is preferable:
(1) the State’s agents succeed in fabricating retractions of the children’s abuse allegations (and in such a way as that this cannot be legally challenged, which is hardly difficult in the context of our corrupt and unaccountable family courts), or;
(2) the State’s agents and/or the Child Abuser(s) succeed, by whatever means, in reprogramming their child victims to get them to deny their allegations of child abuse, preferably in a video recording.
I’ve no doubt that State agents and the Child Abuser(s) will be working to this evil end.  They have opportunity and they have motive.  Common sense tells us that they will be doing this, as has happened before in similar cases.
So I’m just waiting for the Bent Judge to issue a new statement to the media, in which the public is told the lie that the children have retracted their allegations of child abuse.  I’d have thought that’s a likely scenario, some time this year.  After all the publicity surrounding this case earlier this year, the Bent Judge will want to do all he can to discredit the good parent as strongly as possible, and to assist the evil, child-abusing parent in getting away with the child abuse.
I’ve no doubt that this case is a case of you-know-what child abuse (i.e. S** child abuse), and not merely ‘ordinary’ child abuse.  The only reason I’ve gone quiet on highlighting this particular detail is because I know, as a general principle based on experience, that public mention of such a detail could be unhelpful in the context of legal proceedings (which are, I reasonably assume, likely to be ongoing in this case).
The Child Abuser(s) may get away with his crimes for now, legally speaking – indeed he can hardly fail, given a Bent Judge, and our corrupt and unjust family court system – but the elephant in the room is the fact that so many people are aware of this Child Abuser and his associates.  He may be able to kid a Bent Judge in a broken family court system, but he hasn’t fooled any of us.  How long can it be before this Child Abuser is caught out, with no Bent Judge to rescue him?
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