A brief note on the opposition

Have a quick gander at this article on Barthy-boy’s blog: https://barthsnotes.com/2019/01/31/some-notes-on-david-aaronovitchs-times-child-abuse-fantasists-column/
Barth’s blog has published plenty of rubbish about me online, and done so more than once.  Of course, there’s nothing remarkable about that; there’s a large volume of rubbish about me online, and the reality of the online age is that, most of the time, one simply has to shrug one’s shoulders.  I’ve seen what are outrageous defamatory libels about me, or malicious communications to me – what are actual criminal acts – several times over the last ten years.  Generally, I do not react, even though legally I would be well within my rights to do so.
What’s interesting about the Barth blog (above) is that it well illustrates one of the many opposition techniques I’ve always been up against with the mainstream media.
David Aaronovitch, who writes for The Times (and who is well known, along with Rosie Waterhouse, as an SRA denier and ‘satanic panic’ promotor), opened an article (not news, by the way, not journalism; no more than a personal opinion piece) of his, on 31 January 2019, with a paragraph about me (as Barth does manage to discern correctly, for once).
But Aaronovitch does not give my name.  Why?  It serves two purposes.  Firstly, it facilitates Aaronovitch in writing something defamatory about me which, were he to have named me, would have left him wide open to a libel suit.  Secondly, it’s a good example of the MSM ‘big boys’ suppressing my name and avoiding giving me or my work the oxygen of their big platform publicity.
This is one of those things which makes me laugh whenever enemies come out with either of two common insults/falsehoods I tend to get online, which are (1) that ‘You’re just a blogger, you’re not a journalist’, or (2) that ‘You’re an idiot and a nobody of no consequence at all’.
I do not spend my time googling my name or researching who is writing what about me; I haven’t got the time and I’m not all that interested in the rubbish some people have to say about me.
(I do, for example, and ironically, spend my time doing things like handling queries from national staffers seeking tips, advice and information.)
That said, I can cite two recent examples, from this year, where MSM journalists have written about me but not named me, namely David Aaronovitch in The Times in January 2019, and Beth Abbit in the Manchester Evening News in February 2019.
I am a journalist, and I’m not a nobody, but the mainstream media – most of which is hostile to who and what I am (a real journalist, and socially conservative) – isn’t going to do anything to boost my work.
As I often say, arguably the biggest and best deception which the mainstream media practises upon us is the simple expedient of omission – i.e. the news they deliberately don’t report, the news they choose not to tell us about.
Maybe a few people should write to The Times and ask them to commission an article from me about the Hampstead Cover Up case, for publication in The Times.  Do you think I’ll get the gig?  No, probably not.  But who cares about The Times publishing me anyway, when you can read this blog any time you like?
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