Reality of SRA: online availability of audiovisual indicators/evidence

In our last post we gave you a logical argument as to why it is rational to believe in the existence of secret SRA activity in Britain today – even though you probably (and hopefully) do not have any direct, first-hand experience of SRA yourself.  We also referred to the existence of plentiful evidence for SRA too.  In this post we invite hardcore members of the SRA Denial Lobby to consider and explain the existence of online video content such as Messe Noire:

!!!  WARNING  !!!  The website hosts graphic, hardcore pornography  !!!

The various digital files of Messe Noire (Black Mass) available online today are, as far as we can tell, digitised conversions of genuine film footage which dates to 1920s France (probably Paris).

(If by any chance it’s a much later fabrication, it’s done to a high standard of trickery; and even if it were a fabrication, that would detract little from the point behind our challenge to those who deny the reality of human depravity.)

Messe Noire shows a secret, group religious ceremony and includes the depiction and/or real footage of a priest and priestess, an altar, drinking human blood, group nudity, an orgy, a flogging, and various sexual activity – notably that which features the luciferian priest.

And this content is freely available on the Web (let alone what lurks on the Deep Web and the Dark Web).

In view of online material like this, how could any sensible person deny – on the basis that ‘It’s so horrible it could never happen’, or ‘It’s beyond belief that people could do that’ – the reality of secret covens of Satanists who practise all manner of horrific rituals?

SRA is not a conspiracy theory.  SRA is a known fact.  SRA does not cease to be a fact because a few people choose to deny it.

SRA isn’t nonsense, like if we urged you to believe in little green men from Mars, or fairies at the bottom of the garden.  There’s nothing hard to believe about the fact that evil people do evil things to themselves and others in secret religious ceremonies.

SRA is fact.  It’s an extremely unpleasant subject to think about, but it’s happening in Britain today.  Rather than sweeping SRA under the carpet, what should we be doing as a society to try to minimize the dark deeds of the most evil people hidden in our midst?  How do we protect as many people as possible from falling victim to SRA?  How do we help people who are caught up in covens and SRA, in whatever capacity, to break free?

The sooner we stop denying SRA and start dealing with it head on, the better.


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