GMP Det Supt Pete Jackson

Further to our last blog – about how GMP police officers tell the public how seriously they take all allegations, and how thorough they are in all their investigations – the story of former GMP top detective Pete Jackson is a good example of how bad GMP is at basic crime investigation.

Jackson quit GMP in disgust after 31 years’ service in February 2017, and since then has supported other police whistle-blowers, such as Maggie Oliver (GMP) and Jon Wedger (MET) – who’ve also been backed by our Rich (Richard Carvath, the journalist who exposed top-level infiltration of GMP by the vice trade).

GMP is poor in its handling of allegations of sexual offences, and has an especially bad record in how it deals with allegations of child sex abuse.

One has to doubt the honesty and integrity of any GMP police officer who tells the public that they take all sex abuse allegations seriously, and thoroughly investigate all such allegations.

But the problem is much worse than GMP failing to investigate cases thoroughly, such as by failing to pursue obvious lines of enquiry in a case.

In many cases – including cases known to us – GMP actually covers up the crimes alleged.  GMP is amongst the most corrupt police forces in the country, and is heavily compromised by organised criminals.


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