Christian Institute is right about Children and Pornography

The Christian Institute is right about children and pornography.
The CI article (linked above) states: “Last month a survey for the British Board of Film Classification found that children as young as seven had viewed hardcore pornography. Half (51 per cent) of those aged 11-13 said they had seen porn, rising to 66 per cent among 14-15 year-olds.”
This situation is a calamity.  Pornography is poisonous (for all – adults as well as children).
I highlight the quote above because the BBFC (with others – the political/legal establishment) is directly responsible for the fact that hardcore pornography is widely available in Britain today.
Prior to 2000, the sale and distribution of hardcore pornography (digital or hard copy) was illegal in this country.
Since 2000, the BBFC has licensed hardcore pornography for legal availability under the R18 classification.
Twenty years ago, campaigners like the late Dennis Wrigley warned of the huge harm which would result from the legalisation of hardcore pornography – including the warning that ‘restricting’ its legal availability to over-18s would do nothing to prevent its being viewed by those under 18.
Dennis Wrigley was of course right.  (And as he used to say: “What on earth are we doing to our children?”)
Twenty years later, as the BBFC now accepts, over half of our children and teenagers have viewed/are viewing pornography.
Pornography is a problem – an evil in our society – which can be and should be restrained, including by means of legislation and associated enforcement.
Though the Internet is a great facilitator of pornography and presents technical challenges to those who would seek to minimise pornography, that cannot be an excuse for despairing and doing nothing.
It is a job of work to restrain evil (and actively to do good).  As a society, the sooner the better we grasp the nettle.  Evil unrestrained will only do ever more harm to ever more people.
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