2019: attacked by the State (on behalf of the child abusers)

2019 has not been the most pleasant of years for me, and there are still two months to go.
I was attacked by the State in January and that attack – a very serious, sustained and multi-faceted attack – is still underway; and moreover, it is impossible to know when it will end, or exactly how things will be resolved.
I am heavily gagged by the State, as I have been for many months already.  There is much which I would like to put out in the public domain but which pragmatism (not respect for the State’s agents, who are abusing their powers against me) prevents for now.
At the root of it all is the simple fact that I ‘put my head above the parapet’ in a scandalous and notorious child abuse case which involves corruption in both police and judiciary.
I do not complain to excess.  I am no stranger to adversity; and I knew beforehand what generally happens to those who take on high-level child abuse ringers.  I knew the police were more likely to attack me than to stand with me in the pursuit of justice and protection for victims of child sex abuse.
Where child sex abuse is concerned, as a general rule, the police are more likely to ignore it, or worse, to cover it up (often acting to destroy complainants/witnesses), than they are to do their duty to investigate and protect.
There’s ‘something about’ child sex abuse in Britain.
When child sex abuse is alleged (has happened), those affected (on the alleging side) frequently enter a ‘parallel universe’ in which everything is turned upside down – and very definitely against them.
Did you think the police exist to prevent/detect crime and protect the vulnerable innocent?  Think again!
As I say, though I complain a little for my self, my suffering – whatever the worst the State may yet do to me – is not to be compared to that of the children who are the victims of sexual abuse.
But I am the guy who has taken a public and very costly stand this year in order to protect children, only to be hit by a hailstorm of hate from the State.
I’m the guy in the firing line for trying to save the children.  If you’re concerned for the children, that’s good, but please also be concerned for those adults on the front line on the children’s behalf.
The helpers need helping too.  Those on the front line desperately need the support of others.  Help me to help them.  Your prayers would be appreciated.  Thank you.
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