Thank you Christian Hacking

A quick note of thanks to Christian Hacking for his inspiring action on Mattock Lane in Ealing this year.  Well done Sir!
I’ve never met Christian, and I can tell from online content about him that we have very different personalities and backgrounds, but we do have two particular things in common which statistically are extremely improbable.
Not only have we both fallen down a cliff (whilst rock-climbing) and survived,* but also we’ve both been arrested on exactly the same patch of grass on Mattock Lane in Ealing.
(* Christian got a wheelchair and a wife; I only got titanium legs.)
What’s the chance of two random men having these two specific and rare events in common?  A question for the mathematicians, I suppose, but I’d have thought the probability is low to zero.
I was arrested last year because of a false allegation somebody made to police that I was about to bomb the Marie Stopes building.  (In fact I was conducting a lawful protest against the PSPO which bans freedom of speech on Mattock Lane.)
Christian was arrested (see links above) and prosecuted because this summer he dared to pray in the exact same location – on the public highway directly outside the Marie Stopes premises.
I should be back in the Mattock Lane PSPO Zone soon to ‘do my thing’ there again.
Again my thanks to Christian for the powerful inspiration of his personal example.
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