Nottinghamshire Police: Professional Standards Directorate fails to meet statutory standard

The Professional Standards Directorate (PSD) of Nottinghamshire Police states it is under “a duty to deal with [complaints] … in line with statutory guidance”.
From the time a complaint is raised, the PSD has “10 working days in which to determine the most appropriate means of handling the issue raised.”
A complaint was filed against Chief Constable Craig Guildford on Wednesday 30 October 2019.
Ten working days ago, Nottinghamshire PSD acknowledged receipt of the complaint against the Chief Constable.
Today, ten working days later, the Nottinghamshire PSD remains silent about its Chief Constable.
Not a peep from the PSD in ten days.  Not a word.
What’s going on with Nottinghamshire’s Chief Constable?  Why is he silent?
What’s going on with Nottinghamshire Police’s in-house Professional Standards Directorate?  Why the silence, even after ten working days?
Is this police force in danger of being consumed by its own corruption?
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