BBC news report: major London protest over Family Courts in Crisis

BBC report on The Court Said in Parliament Square on 26 October 2019.
An excellent event, by all accounts.  Well Done to all in attendance – and especially to Natalie Page and other organisers, who must’ve put in much work to make the event a success.
Events such as this one, together with the tireless efforts of the many concerned mums who lobby, petition and speak out online, the work of MPs like Louise Haigh and the campaigning of print journalists such as Geraldine McKelvie (Daily Mirror), Liz Perkins (Daily Express) and Sue Reid (Daily Mail), are raising public awareness of the fact that the Family Courts are not fit for purpose.
It is to be hoped that all of this campaigning will lead to major improvements in a system which has for many years been a never-ending scandal – despite these courts being closed to the press – and notorious on the ever-growing grapevine of victims as perpetrating the institutionalised, ongoing torment and abuse of countless mothers and their children.
These kangaroo courts are truly horrific and have destroyed many lives – even including the deaths of children who were forced into entirely foreseeable, unsafe contact with known abusers.
It has gone on for so long only because of the State-enforced secrecy which shrouds these dens of evil.
Let’s hope Natalie Page and her fellow campaigners succeed soon, so that future generations are spared any more of this lawyers’ lunacy.
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