Police threaten elderly English Christians at Speakers’ Corner

The Metropolitan Police threatened elderly English Christians at Speakers’ Corner, Hyde Park, on Remembrance Sunday last year (10 November 2019).
On that day, husband-and-wife evangelists Roland and Frances Parsons (pictured above), both in their seventies, displayed a large banner bearing the words “The Blood of Jesus Christ”.
This is a reference to the basic and central Christian belief that by the shedding of his blood – i.e. by his death on the cross – this sacrificial act by Jesus Christ saved (from eternal death) all people who put their trust in the resurrected Jesus to save them, and thus give them eternal life.
Roland Parsons has been preaching this good news about Jesus at Speakers’ Corner since 1987.
Over the years, Mr Parsons’ The Blood of Jesus Christ banner became such a familiar sight in Hyde Park that, for a time, it featured in the artwork on commercial souvenirs, such as tea towels, produced for sale in London’s tourist shops.
But on Remembrance Sunday last, the Metropolitan Police took offence at The Blood of Jesus Christ banner.
In a press release (issued December 2019), Mrs Frances Parsons said, “My husband … has been threatened with a criminal charge for displaying the words ‘The Blood of Jesus Christ’.”
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