Fathoming Fadge

Whenever we have a men’s debate about ‘Fred Fadge’ it always follows much the same path.  All men (all men like us) are agreed about Fadge.
Nobody understands how any man could have a beautiful wife, with a lovely personality (we refer of course to ‘Tammy Bapswin’), and yet want to go elsewhere . . . with rent boys, homosexual friends, little boys and others.  It’s inexplicable.
It goes without saying that all agree Fadge is a sexual deviant with an unnatural desire for boys.  Fadge is a pervert, no doubt, but there’s more to it than that.
Col. C says the key to understanding Fadge lies in grasping that it’s Fadge’s secret religious beliefs which are what really make him tick.  Fadge is a leading Sade, a chief Crowley.
Get that and you’ve got the foundational motive for Fadge’s evil and perverse behaviour.  Because no normal man having a beauty like Bapswin in his bed would want to go elsewhere.
Fadge has a sworn duty to obey his ruling deity.  Fadge’s evil – sexual or otherwise – is rooted in religion; a horrific Faustian bondage; a burden to be as proud as the prince of the fallen angels.
Like all his co-religionists, Fadge revels in being as evil as possible whilst fooling the world into thinking he’s Mr Nice Guy.
But pride goes before a fall, and three years ago, Fadge’s downfall began.  Slow and lingering, yet spectacular.  A very public humiliation, and much deserved.  God is sovereign; He renders terrible justice to evildoers in His perfect timing.
We all want to know how the story ends.  Let’s hope 2020 provides all the right answers.
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