Saddleworth beheading

Yesterday (22 January 2020), the online Oldham Evening Chronicle reported the beheading of a ram on Saddleworth Moor.
The article quotes Mr Chris Crowther, who poses the question of why anyone would want to destroy a “ram with magnificent, sweeping curled horns”.
One answer – probably the most likely answer – is that this ram’s head (with horns) was severed and stolen by Satanists, for use in their religious rituals.
Saddleworth Moor has long been a notorious location for Satanism.  This is home to the Moors Murders which happened in the 1960s.  This is where Michael Horgan, a Satanist from Rochdale, took his child victims for Satanic rituals in the 1980s.
And Saddleworth Moor is also local to the Casson Coven (so-named after the late Stanley Casson), a group of Satanists known to have included the slaughter (by beheading) of sheep in its rituals.
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