Caroline Flack: tormented by the State

Caroline Flack took her own life, most likely because of acute stress and anxiety caused to her by the Crown Prosecution Service, magistrates and the police – and all over an assault allegation in which the alleged victim did not support the prosecution of Miss Flack.
(Moreover, given Miss Flack’s TV celebrity status, the constant media spotlight on her life would not have helped her state of mind whilst awaiting a Crown Court trial.)
What happened to Miss Flack – unjustifiable torment by the State’s criminal justice system – happens to many other people every year, most of whom never come to public attention.
(Not to mention the State’s family justice system, which at any one time is putting countless children and parents – mainly mothers – through unspeakable hell.)
In The Sun article linked above, that Miss Flack was “tormented by” bail conditions sounds very familiar, as does the assertion that, “The CPS … pursued a show trial that was not only without merit but not in the public interest.”
Malicious, vexatious, frivolous, unjustified ‘have-a-go’ criminal prosecutions by the State are frequently devastating to the lives of defendant victims.  This form of State persecution happens to many people, every year, in what is a never-ending and under-reported scandal.
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