Justice for Sam and her family

Nine months have passed since journalist Richard Carvath first published the much celebrated news article which led to a malicious criminal prosecution against him.  (Carvath was acquitted by a jury last year.)
Will justice ever happen for Sam and her family?
Most nice middle-class girls will never have the horror of realising too late, ‘I married a child-sex monster’.
But it happened to Sam.  And this was just the beginning of a long-running nightmare, trying to save and protect child victims.
Today, Sam’s story is far from over.  We know what mums are generally like – so we can be confident she won’t be giving up . . . ever.
After all the hell which Sam and her family have gone through – and must still be suffering – it’s remarkable how Sam has survived such appalling trauma and injustice.
But survive it she has.  Like many others, we are inspired by Sam’s undying devotion – and by her faith.
Faith, hope and love.  She gives and receives all three.  All of which is why we know that, in the end, Sam will see justice done.
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