EXCLUSIVE: wife of judge Jeremy Lea in false allegation to Nottinghamshire Police

East Midlands police sources have been speaking off-the-record, following the recent exposure of judge Jeremy Lea’s criminal corruption.
It can now be reported that during the two-month period (January to March 2019) last year when Nottinghamshire Police detectives were hunting for wanted journalist Richard Carvath, the wife of judge Jeremy Lea, Dr Jane Turrill, contacted Nottinghamshire Police to report Richard Carvath for tampering with telephone and internet cables at the Lea home.
It was of course a false allegation.
Expert telecoms engineers examined the cables, and found no evidence of sabotage or other interference – not by Mr Carvath, not by anyone.
Dr Jane Turrill made a baseless – a quite frankly insane – false allegation against Richard Carvath.
An EM source said, “There were rumours … [about] him being a bit special.  Military background; secret mercenary work.”
“But Lea’s wife’s allegation against Carvath has to be one of the craziest allegations we’ve ever heard.”
Sources also discussed the police’s two-month hunt for the investigative journalist who exposed the stitch-up of famous mum Samantha Baldwin.
“It was like looking for a ghost … a real-life Jason Bourne.”
“Who can just vanish like that … for weeks on end … then he turns up in the middle of Nottingham, undetected until he’s inside the court!”
Mr Carvath is known to have been mixed up in private military work, but the details have never been made public.
“We had CID, Special Branch, counter-terror specialists after this one man.  And we’d never ‘ve found him, had he not come to Nottingham … because he wanted to testify, to protect Samantha Baldwin’s children.”
“There’s a lot of respect for Richard Carvath in police circles.  It’s plain to see Samantha Baldwin didn’t do what Jeremy Lea said.  Carvath could’ve stayed out of it, but he wanted to help this mum and her family with the evidence he’d got.”
“We were embarrassed, arresting him inside the court, before he could give his evidence.  But it was ordered from on high.”
“He was a nightmare to interview.  What do you do with a man who’s been arrested for harassing a judge, and he says things like he might give Jeremy Lea a job as Co-Co the Clown in Noddy’s Circus, but not as a judge – if Samantha Baldwin is his standard of fact-finding?”
“What do you do with a man who you’ve been searching for, for a couple of months, all over the country, and when he’s asked ‘How do you move around?’, he says ‘On my legs’?”
Sources confirmed that, to the best of their knowledge, Craig Guildford, the Chief Constable of Nottinghamshire Police, did not receive a postcard from Acapulco.
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