Tanweer Ikram and Nusrat Ara Baig

Tan Ikram – the Deputy Chief Magistrate of England and Wales – is the corrupt judge who ran a rigged trial and gave a false guilty verdict against journalist Richard Carvath, in order to favour corrupt judge Jeremy Lea.
British journalist Richard Carvath was judged by this one man, Tan Ikram (full name Tanweer Ikram).
Tanweer Ikram is the son of Mohammed Ikram and Azmat Sultana.
Mohammed Ikram died in England in 2002; he was born – though not in England – in 1938.
The late Mr Ikram was named after the famous seventh-century paedophile, Mohammed, who founded the Islamic religion.
Mohammed’s son, Tanweer – the bent judge who hasn’t the faintest grasp of English standards and principles of justice – is married to a solicitor, Nusrat Ara Baig.
Nusrat and Tanweer make lots of money from practising – or, in Tanweer’s case, perverting – English law.
But what Tanweer doesn’t do is to manifest malice, contempt and corruption against an honourable man, Richard Carvath, and get away with it.
The Carvath versus Lea trial at Sheffield magistrates’ court was originally slated to have been judged by Lady Emma Arbuthnot – the Chief Magistrate of England and Wales.
Instead, Lady Emma sent her deputy.
That’s one shrewd lady.
Also shrewd are police officers in the East Midlands, who recently paid tribute to Richard Carvath:
“There’s a lot of respect for Richard Carvath in police circles.  It’s plain to see Samantha Baldwin didn’t do what Jeremy Lea said.  Carvath could’ve stayed out of it, but he wanted to help this mum and her family with the evidence he’d got.”
Life operates to certain principles, given of God.  One of these principles is that we reap what we sow.  Though justice may tarry awhile, in the end, all evil will be punished.
Therefore, corrupt judges who destroy innocent people will themselves be destroyed.
Corrupt judges who fail to protect child sex abuse victims – and who attack those who do serve to protect children – will get the judgement they deserve.
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