EXCLUSIVE: child sex complainant against judge Jeremy Lea speaks out

A woman has spoken out, to set the record straight, following a recently reported false finding made by judge Tanweer Ikram, at the end of a rigged trial.

Ikram found journalist Richard Carvath guilty of harassing judge Jeremy Lea, and said that a historical child sex abuse allegation against Jeremy Lea – the existence of which was publicly reported by Richard Carvath in 2019 – had never existed.

Jeremy Lea is notorious as the judge who made false findings against mum Samantha Baldwin, in favour of child sex abuser David Madge.
David Madge accused Richard Carvath of stalking him, but Mr Carvath was acquitted by a jury at Swindon Crown Court in December 2019.  The jury accepted Mr Carvath’s defence that he had acted to prevent and detect crime, by conducting a private investigation into David Madge.
It also emerged that judge Jeremy Lea committed a computer crime during the 2019 Swindon prosecution, by spying on sensitive case files about the Carvath and Madge case.

The woman, who cannot be named, said, “I find it disgusting that this judge [Tan Ikram] tries to brush it all under the carpet, like it never happened.”

“I did go to the authorities about Jeremy Lea.  The police have my allegation in writing.”

“I went to London to meet journalists, three years ago.  That’s when I met Richard Carvath.  I told them my story.”

“I was forced to perform a sex act on Jeremy Lea when I was a young teenager.  It was at a party in a big house.  Kids were taken out of care homes to these sex parties.  I was one of them.  I said all this to Richard, in London.”

Documentary evidence of the woman’s crime report has been seen by reporters.

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