Save Babies: please lobby your MP now

Next week MPs are expected to vote on whether to affirm regulations that impose liberal abortion laws on Northern Ireland. They are scheduled to debate them on Tuesday 12 May and vote on Wednesday 13 May.

Please contact your MP today and ask them to vote against the regulations

Sadly, there is strong support for abortion in Parliament and we are unlikely to win. But this is an opportunity to remind MPs that there are many of us who care about the humanity of the unborn.

The NI regulations go far beyond the law in the rest of the UK, with abortions allowed for any reason up to 12 weeks. The new abortion regime came into force provisionally last month despite huge resistance from the public. Next week’s vote will make the change permanent.

Approximately 100,000 people are alive today in Northern Ireland because the Abortion Act 1967 was not introduced there. But the regulations will not only impact Northern Ireland. The new liberal regime there will be used as an excuse to push for even easier access to abortion in the rest of the UK.

Please telephone or email your MP today


Bothered by the current coronavirus situation?  It is bad.

Tens of thousands of virus-related deaths in the UK this year.

Bothered by the Great British Abortion Holocaust?

About TEN MILLION British babies have been murdered by abortion since 1967.

Every year, roughly 200,000 British babies are murdered by abortion.


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