VE Day thanks to Harold Batt, Alec Carvath and all WWII heroes

Samantha Baldwin tweeted a lovely tribute to her late [maternal] grandfather Harold Batt, earlier today.
And she also pointed out that Mr Batt would’ve been horrified at what corrupt police and a corrupt judge, Jeremy Lea, have done to his family.
Likewise, Richard Carvath’s late [paternal] grandfather, Alec Herbert Carvath – who served in the army throughout World War II – would be horrified at the treatment of his journalist grandson by corrupt police and courts.
The cenotaphs remind us of the sacrifices made for us by the WWII generation: “They died for Freedom.”
Since the beginning of 2019, Richard Carvath – a resolute defender of press freedom and freedom of speech – has been hounded almost to death by corrupt police officers and judiciary, and all because he sought to protect Samantha Baldwin’s children from child sex abuse, and exposed corrupt judge Jeremy Lea in the process.
Since Nottinghamshire Police’s attack on Richard began, some 16 months ago, Richard has been financially devastated, his health has deteriorated and he has been forced to curtail many of the good works in which he was previously involved (in order to protect other good people from State intrusion).
Last year, Richard was arrested three times, each time by ambush – including two arrests inside court buildings.
The first arrest inside a court came on 12 March 2019, when Richard was arrested in Nottingham family court, thus preventing him from testifying against corrupt judge Jeremy Lea, child sex abuser David Madge and others.
The second arrest inside a court happened on 16 December 2019, when Richard was arrested inside Swindon Crown Court (by Wiltshire Police, acting for Nottinghamshire Police), literally as he was about to leave the building, having just been acquitted by a jury on a charge of stalking David Madge.
Last year, Richard spent the best part of three days detained in the police cells, was interrogated three times, and was forced to attend a police station (to sign bail) on numerous occasions.
He attended countless pre-trial court hearings, in two cases, in two different regions of England (Swindon and Sheffield).
He endured a six-day trial to fight off David Madge’s malicious and vexatious false allegation.
And all that was just last year.  In 2020, the hell goes on and on.
Richard Carvath is a journalist, a good man who protects children from sex abusers – he is most definitely not a criminal of any description.
Yet this champion of children and freedom has been – and continues to be – targeted relentlessly by State agents hellbent on destroying him.
Alec Carvath, Harold Batt and the WWII Generation did not fight for a country where good people like Samantha Baldwin and Richard Carvath are treated like criminals, whilst evil men like Jeremy Lea do evil deeds like giving custody of child sex abuse victims to their child sex abuser.
As a nation, in the 1940s we beat external Nazism, but since then, we have been conquered, stealthily, incrementally and internally, by a similar spirit of evil.
Please pray for and support Richard and Samantha, and other good people like them, as they fight the quislings, Nazis and traitors who predominate in Britain today.
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