How has David Madge got away with it for so long?

The downfall of child sex abuser David Madge began with his public exposure during the 2019 Crown Court trial of investigative journalist Richard Carvath.
Mr Carvath was accused by Madge and Detective Inspector Sally Wootton (Devon and Cornwall Police) of stalking Madge, but the Swindon jury acquitted Carvath, having accepted Carvath’s defence that he had run a lawful private investigation into Madge, for the prevention and detection of crime.
During the trial, the eyewitness statement submitted to police, about the crime witnessed on 6 January 2019, was read out in full.  It included this:
“Mr Madge was completely naked, except that he was wearing some sort of … cloak, which fastened around his neck, but which was not wrapped around his body, but rather was open, and so only in contact with his body around his shoulders and behind him (i.e. beneath him, between his body and the sofa).
***** *****, a boy aged about seven or eight, was completely naked.
***** *****’s body was laid flat out across the sofa, his front side down, his upper body across the thighs of Mr Madge…
***** ***** was motionless and was, as I assumed from his appearance, unconscious.
Mr Madge was masturbating himself with his right hand, and, with his left hand, he was touching ***** *****’s bare bottom and, from the rear, ***** *****’s genitals.”

During the trial, David Madge confirmed that:

  • the detailed description given in the eyewitness statement of his Devon home’s ground-floor interior was accurate;
  • he and the boy named in the eyewitness statement were present in his home at the time and date given in the statement;
  • he was circumcised (as was also confirmed by Carvath, the eyewitness, in defence testimony).
However, David Madge denied sexually abusing the boy, and accounted for Carvath’s eyewitness report to police by telling the jury that Carvath was a “nutcase”.
Yet the jury sided with Richard Carvath.
Twelve independent jurors sided with Richard Carvath, so why did one detective inspector, Sally Wootton – supposedly a specialist ‘child protection’ officer – side with David Madge?
And why did DI Sally Wootton side with David Madge from the first instant Carvath’s crime report landed on her desk, without bothering to investigate the crime report?
Put simply, the answer is because DI Sally Wootton is corrupt.
Wootton enabled David Madge to make a false stalking allegation, having failed to investigate Carvath’s crime report and, as it later emerged, having refused to take and test (for drugs) blood and hair samples from the boy, or have the boy medically examined.
And Wootton just happened to be an old pal of the ‘safeguarding’ officer – responsible for the abused boy’s welfare – who just happened to work at the same primary school as a close relative of David Madge.
Astonishingly, the police corruption in Devon repeated the corruption the abused boy had already suffered from corrupt police in Rochdale.
The same boy – whom Carvath saw being sexually abused by David Madge in 2019 – gave a recorded interview to Greater Manchester Police (GMP) in 2015 in which – as the Swindon jury was told (by a police witness) – the boy, then a young infant, told GMP police that David Madge would wee-wee in his mouth.
At the same time, the boy’s older brother also described to GMP Rochdale how he and his younger brother had been sexually abused by David Madge and other men.
(David Madge told the Swindon jury that both boys had been “coached” by their mother to report false allegations against him to police.)
But, as would later happen in Devon, a corrupt GMP detective inspector, Caroline Ward, scuppered the first investigation into David Madge.
Sally Wootton and Caroline Ward: two female Detective Inspectors, both supposedly experts in child protection, and both with a duty to protect children, but who both covered up for the same child sex abuser rather than protect his child victims.
What’s going on with the police, where David Madge is concerned?  Why is this man seemingly untouchable?
Why did two senior detectives in two different police forces not see what the Swindon jury saw in David Madge?


Is Madge a ‘charming devil’ like Ted Bundy?  Is that why the police have been taken in by him so far?
Or does Madge, or some associate(s) of his, have behind-the-scenes influence with the police?
Or is it a general problem with low standards of competence or moral integrity amongst police officers specialising in child protection?
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