Lord Chief Justice DISCIPLINES errant judge Jeremy Lea

EXCLUSIVE: the Lord Chief Justice has disciplined Jeremy Lea, a Nottingham Crown Court judge, after Lea was caught misusing the Crown Court computer system to target a journalist (Richard Carvath) who publicly challenged Lea’s findings in a scandalous child custody case (the Samantha Baldwin case).

The Judicial Conduct Investigations Office (JCIO) is to release a brief public statement about Jeremy Lea on its website next week.
The Lord Chief Justice upheld a complaint that Lea engaged in professional misconduct by exploiting his privileged access to the DCS (courts’ computer system) to spy on sensitive files in a prosecution in which Lea had no legitimate interest.
Jeremy Lea’s actions were not merely a matter of professional misconduct; Lea’s misconduct is also a criminal offence under the Computer Misuse Act 1990.
Jeremy Lea’s criminal misconduct on court computers was first detected in 2019 by a highly-regarded Solicitor-Advocate, Mr Willem Louw.
Mr Louw began his legal career in South Africa, serving under Nelson Mandela, before practising law in England.
When Willem Louw (acting for Carvath) alerted the judge, His Honour Judge Peter Crabtree OBE, who presided over the case infiltrated by Lea, Swindon Crown Court took immediate action to prevent further spying by Jeremy Lea.
Jeremy Lea’s criminal misconduct sparked a JCIO investigation headed by Mrs Justice Elisabeth Laing – who investigated Lea on behalf of the Lord Chief Justice.
Jeremy Lea’s findings against mum Samantha Baldwin – in the famous family court case which made international news in 2017 – are widely regarded as false.
The full story behind the Samantha Baldwin case – which came to light, in the first instance, through the work of journalist Richard Carvath – highlighted the extensive corruption in England’s family courts.
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