Divorce on demand

The marriage-based family is the best foundation for a strong, civilised society.  It is also a bulwark against State intrusion.  (Real marriage: the union of a man and a woman for life.)  By definition, divorce destroys marriage – destroying people in the process – and common sense tells us that the easier something is to do, the more likely people are to do it, despite divorce being generally against their best interests (not to mention their marriage vows).
Divorce is occasionally justified, but it is never desirable.  It ought to be the last resort in a tiny handful of sad situations where there really is no other remedy; it should not be commonplace.  It ought to be an infrequent aberration to a norm in which most adults marry, and stay married for life.  Until things began to change in the 1960s and 1970s, that was indeed the norm: most people married (in their twenties), and most people stayed married.  Then things changed – not for the better – and now we have social dysfunction, crime &etc on a grand scale because of the huge decline of the marriage-based family.
Unrepented and persistent adultery, unending desertion or serious cruelty are legitimate grounds for divorce.
Divorce because of separation or ‘unreasonable behaviour’ (whatever that means), such as we already have (in the State’s legal concept of ‘marriage’), are not morally-legitimate grounds for divorce.  This state of affairs means that divorce is already effectively available to anybody who wants it, regardless of the wishes of those innocent parties who remain committed to their marriages.
In terms of the State, marriage is already a legal fiction and nonsense, not only because the State permits two people of the same gender to ‘marry’, but also because the State can and will legally end the marriages of those persons who do not want to be divorced, and against whom there is no morally-legitimate justification for divorce.
The Government’s latest divorce bill goes even further.  It is nothing short of disastrous.  Read the Christian Institute’s latest news article:

‘Govt has picked worst possible time to change divorce law’

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