People need to rest

You may have noticed that every human being who has ever lived . . . sleeps.
Yes, sleep is essential; we all do it, every night.
Human beings are so designed (yes, by God – the Creator) as to need regular rest.
Religious or not, to have one day of rest every week does us good.  And for that day to be the same day (for most people), as standard, every week, means friends and families can have meaningful time together, at least once a week, without the hectic distractions of everyday life during the week.
During the era of the Industrial Revolution, most of the English working class worked six days a week, with Sunday – the Christian sabbath – being the only day off.
Having Sunday off did not hold up the Industrial Revolution; nor did it prevent the British Empire rising to the zenith of its prosperity and power.
Economic arguments for the necessity of Sunday trading are false.  People would benefit far more by resting than by working or shopping every Sunday.
Generations of the working class campaigned long and hard to be able to have any time off other than Sunday.
Now those gains have been lost for many if not most.  Many now have to work, in the broadest sense (i.e. paid work, and the work of domestic life), almost without ceasing.
To return to the situation where most of us do not work or shop on Sunday would be beneficial to the nation.
People need to rest, and families need unhurried time together.  We should go back to keeping Sunday special.

Govt Sunday trading claims ‘just misdirection’

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