A passion for policing

Regular readers know this blog is not only a place where we regularly address unpleasant subjects (e.g. child abuse, SRA), but that there’s also a real risk of encountering photos of Richard Carvath – who is, let’s be honest, never going to make it as a male model (despite all his protestations that his looks are improving with age).
Therefore, to bring a little balance to this blog, to sweeten things up a bit, to remind ourselves that beauty still abounds, even in this fallen world, we give you the best police mugshot we’ve ever seen (above).
We say ‘police mugshot’, but of course that’s no criminal . . . on the contrary, you’re looking at one of Nottinghamshire’s finest.
(It’s almost enough to make you want to commit a crime in Nottingham, just to be arrested. But don’t!)
Of course, Nottinghamshire Police is no different to any other police force in England.  There are good and bad cops.  Better and best bobbies too.  There are those who follow orders they may disagree with, and we understand that.
We salute Nottinghamshire’s finest and wish them well with maintaining law and order.
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