Are Carvath and Baldwin secret lovers?

One has to give a giggle at the antics of those desperate people who troll Samantha Baldwin relentlessly on Twitter.

According to one troll today – an anonymous tweeting bear – Sam is Richard Carvath’s “girl friend”.  (Source: @james99680111  7:04 AM – Jul 4, 2020)

But according to a second troll (on the same side as the first troll), Sam “doesn’t give a shit about” Richard.  (Source: @pennymellor 7:49 AM – Jun 29, 2020)

And the first troll, the tweeting bear, who has got Sam down as Richard’s girlfriend today, has obviously forgotten about its stated position of two months ago, when it tweeted that Sam “does not support” Richard “in anyway”.  (Source: @james99680111 7:55 PM – May 5, 2020)

These trolls need to sharpen up their act if they’re going to convince the world that David Madge is not the child sex abuser his own children have said he is.

As for Richard being Robin Hood to Sam’s Maid Marion, well, that kind of thing only happens in legend, or in the movies.

If Samantha Baldwin and Richard Carvath ever get it together, we’ll eat our hats!

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