EXCLUSIVE: Samantha Baldwin police say they did nothing wrong

Today we publish the letter (emailed to Richard Carvath) following Devon and Cornwall Police’s ‘local resolution’ of Mr Carvath’s complaint against Detective Inspector Sally Wootton.
As you can see from the letter (SallyWoottonComplaint), the police found that the police had done nothing wrong.
For example, the letter reports that DI Wootton asserts: “I did not lie to or deceive anyone at any point.”
(Add that lie to all the others, DI Wootton!)
We did not know that Samantha Baldwin had also complained about DI Sally Wootton until receipt of the letter.
That’s because there is no behind-the-scenes connection or communication between Richard Carvath or his associates and Samantha Baldwin, contrary to what DI Wootton seems to think.
Accordingly, on page three of the PDF (linked above), please note that the letter DI Wootton sent to Samantha Baldwin – in which DI Wootton lied to Samantha Baldwin – was not sourced from Samantha Baldwin.
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